PCBCart, a highly skilled PCB Fab, Parts Sourcing & Assembly services provider for global companies, fabricates 23k+ different PCB designs each year, and are committed on the quality & performance of every circuit board it printed


PCBCart has been providing worldwide engineers and companies with custom PCB prototyping and mass manufacturing services for over 10 years, our successful & reliable working record can be proved by our 99% customer satisfaction rate. We make quality the top priority in every phase of our operation, including PCB development, manufacturing and assembly. Our advantages including:

  • Cover both FR4 PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, Flexible PCBs, Flex-rigid PCBs, Rogers PCBs, etc.
  • Instant online quoting, ordering and reordering features
  • No min order quantity required
  • Fully ISO9001:2008, UL and RoHS certificated
  • Best overall PCB quality, customer service and pricing
  • Free PCB file panelization
  • Free DFM check by professional engineers
  • Knowledgeable support team available via phone and email
  • Advanced manufacturing techniques including Gold fingers, Blind and Buried Vias, Half-cut/Castellated hole,Via in pad, etc.
  • Electrical tests (flying probe test, etc.) based on clients' specific requirements
  • No additional tooling charge for PCB reorders

We're capable to offer collect any of your required components from authorized distributors at nice price and assemble those components on your circuit boards. Our advantages including:

  • Online calculator for PCB Assembly labor cost
  • From PCB Prototype Assembly to low-middle volume Assembly, consigned PCB Assembly to Turnkey assembly 
  • Available PCB Type including Rigid PCBs, Flexible PCBs, Metal core PCBs
  • Assembly Type including Surface mount, Thro-hole, Mixed technology (SMT & Thru-hole)
  • Advanced options including Free DFM Review, 100% AOI test and X-ray test for BGA, IC programming, Components cost-down, Function test as custom, Protection technology, etc.

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Mass PCB Production Service - Best Overall Quality, Service & Pricing

PCBCart possess full PCB manufacturing capabilities range from standard FR4 PCBs, Aluminum PCBs, Flexible PCBs, Flex-rigid PCBs, Rogers PCBs, etc. We understand that circuit boards quality & pricing matter to clients especialy for those with c...

Fabrication Services

Mass PCB Production Service - Best Overall Quality, Service & Pricing

Custom PCB Prototype Service Start from 2 days

PCBCart is able to offer rapid PCB prototyping services at a low cost yet with very good quality. We're fully compliant with ISO9001:2008 quality management systems, and we have an in-house quality control department to verify that all work me...

Fabrication Services

Custom PCB Prototype Service Start from 2 days

Custom PCB Assembly Service

PCBCart offers flexible printed circuit board assembly services from PCB Prototype Assembly to Low-middle volume PCB Assembly, Consigned PCB Assembly to Turnkey PCB Assembly. Along with our custom PCB production and components sourcing s...

Assembly Services

Custom PCB Assembly Service

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What Type of PCB Substrate Material Is Right for Your PCB?

Jan 24, 2017 | Dora Yang

Basic performance of PCB (Printed Circuit Board) depends on the performance of substrate material. In order to improve the performance of PCB, you have to increase the performance of PCB substrate material first. This article introduces how to chose PCB substrate material for your custom PCB project from multiple perspectives....

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