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Professional PCB Prototype & Assembly Turnkey Service For Low Volume Quantity With High Quality And Low Cost! Professional NPI Team Support & Quality Guarantee!Easy Quote online!No MOQ & hidden fee here.Just Have a Try

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PCB Assembly

PCB Assembly


PCB Assembly


Assembly Services

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PCBNPI-Professional PCB Fab/PCB Assembly Service Provider From China


PCB Assembly Description:

1. PCB Assembly

PCBNPI is more than just a PCB manufacturer. We also provide a high-quality Consigned assembly service at very competitive price.We have state-of-the-art facilities such as Samsung SMT machine, Ten temperature zone reflow oven, BGA rework station, AOI, X-RAY ect.

We guarantee on-time delivery of quick turn printed circuit board assemblies and specialize in small to mid volume electronic contract manufacturing. And we are quite happy to build as few as just one board in as little as one day.

Consigned Materials (components supplied by the customer) Materials can be consigned for different reasons: It may be proprietary product, very expensive product or the customer may at the time have a large inventory. It is not unusual for initially consigned projects to be completed as a hybrid, part consigned, part turnkey.You supply components,PCBNPI can get your product to market on-time.

2. PCB Assembly File Required

<1>PCB file:Gerber RS-274X format;ODB;Common EDA"s like .pcb,.brd

<2>BOM:List Components basic information such as MPN,Designator,quantity,package,assembly side ect.

<3>Pick & place file: List Reference designator ,x /y coordinate,  rotation angle, Placement side ect.If you couldn't provide,some extra expense will be charged.

<4>All polarity part"s assembly direction should be marked clearly on silkscreen layer to avoid error appearing.If not,please provide some other file to assist us to resolve any ambiguities about component polarity and physical placement,such as schematic diagram and assembly drawing.

3. Assembly Capability

<1>Surface Mount,Through Hole,Cable assembly and mixed;

<2>Package 0402 or larger,0.5 pitch BGA;

<3>AOI test for SMD components,X-ray inspect for BGA and LCC(Leadless Chip Carriers)package;

<4>Lead-free / RoHS compliant;

<5>Free DFM file checking;

<6>No MOQ here;

4. Components Supplied by Customer

Proper SMT machine setup and operation requires parts overages. Unused and excessive parts supplied by you will be packaged and returned to you with the assembled boards.Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes (0603, 0805, 1206, 2225, SOT, SOD, MELF - packages) require a minimum of 50 pieces and have to exceed the required quantity by 30 pieces. (e.g.: assemble quantity 40 pieces – we will need 70 pieces – this meets our minimum of 50 pieces plus 30 pieces over assemble quantity).To provide the components from your site, please make sure each part is packed in an individual bag or tray with a label. Components which are sensitive to moisture or static must be packaged in compliance with their storage requirements.

5. Panelization

If your PCB dimension is smaller than 50mmx50mm, or if your PCB is of any shapes (circular, or odd shape) other than rectangle, your boards must be panelized in an array for assembly.After your file confirmed,the panelization data will be created by our NPI engineer in order to assembled quickly and smoothly.Margins and Fiducial marks are added in the panel(Fiducial marks are added on margins,not your board ). Then we will transfer the data to PCBA department to create the stencil to match the panelized PCB.V-CUT/V-GROOVE,TAB-ROUTE and Stamp Hole are 3 common used method to create panelization data.

6. Price & Lead Time

As a reliable company, we provice cost-effective custom PCB manuafacturing service to win customers'trust. More reasonable price you will get from us. You just need send us files with your specifications and wait for the borads, we help you do left as you do them yourselves. So you have more time to focus on other value-added competencies such as research & development, sales and marketing. You count on us to do what we say we will do. It's as simple as that!

Last but not the least, we will carry on promotion aperiodically,such as free stencils,free SMT tools and free connectors etc. Special offers will be available then. Please follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Our regular lead time is 5 days for standard PCB.However, boards of 4 layers or more will take a little longer. Urgent service is also available here.We will give you concrete lead time when we send you quotation sheet. Please note Lead Time is manufacturing time, which is started from the second working day of payment received and file problem solved.

7. Quality Assurance

We have been in PCB fabricate and PCB assembly business for years. We are very confident about the quality of our work base on our experience and expertise accumulated over the years. Our mission is to become your reliable outsourcing partner and commitment is to treat you courteously and your project professionally, to ensure you are completely satisfied with every project. If you have any questions about our PCB manufacturing & assembly, we invite your feedback.You may contact us online. Our record for delivering the highest quality PCBs is close to perfect, and our on-time shipping record leads the industry. Occasionally there may be a need to address an issue. We are happy to review any issue with you to help you receive the very best products and service from us.

Our formalized quality process is not confined to volume PCB fabrication or PCB assembly - we apply it to all our services, including file check, engineering change orders, PCB prototyping, both repair and upgrade services.

In separating the quality system into three distinct processes applicable to different parts of our operations(that is Incoming Quality Control , In-Process Quality Control, Outgoing Quality Assurance), we can ensure that redundancies in quality assurance will ensure defect-free products. Each process is fully documented, standardized, and frequently reviewed for effectiveness, conformance, and improvement opportunities.Furthermore, all small batch PCB must be tested by AOI & Flying Probe for free before shipping.

We stand by our 100% satisfaction guarantee: We will gladly rework your project if you receive defective products from us. If you have any questions about our products, Please feel free to contact us, we will give you satisfactory reply.

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