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MPM Momentum II 100 Stencil Printer

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ITW EAE is a manufacturer of equipment used in the electronic assembly and semiconductor industries. The group brings together world-class products from Camalot, Despatch, Electrovert, MPM, and Vitronics Soltec.

Lakeville, Minnesota, USA


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MPM Momentum II 100 Stencil Printer

MPM Momentum II 100 Stencil Printer


MPM Momentum II 100 Stencil Printer



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MPM Momentum II 100 Stencil Printer Description:

MPM 100 and Momentum BTB Printers

A value-priced high-performance printing solution designed to meet the demands of high-volume production

The Momentum® II 100 stencil printer is a hard-working, value-priced machine utilizing the robust, reliable Momentum series printer proven in top facilities around the world. Featuring a modest footprint that can grow with the user: add or retrofit innovative, patented features as throughput demands grow.


The Momentum® II 100 delivers performance that one would expect to find only in higher-priced printing machines. This hard-working printer utilizes the robust, reliable Momentum® series platform that has been proven to be at the top of its class in facilities around the world, yet its value pricing makes the Momentum® II 100 an incredible bargain.

Cost-efficient and featuring a modest footprint, it grows with the user; innovative patented features can be added on or retrofitted as needed as the user’s throughput demands grow.

The Momentum® II 100 can accommodate a wide range of PCB sizes from 609.6 mm x 508 mm (24” x 20”) down to is 50.8 mm x 50.8 mm (2” x 2”). Its wet print accuracy is ±20 microns @ 6 Sigma, Cpk ≥2.0. Tighter performance tolerances mean higher repeatability with fewer defects. Plus, a cycle time of 11 seconds ensures moderate to high throughput for its size. Programmable and closed-loop squeegee systems ensure accurate and repeatable squeegee force with every print stroke; the system auto-compensates for squeegee deflection, and no force adjustment is needed for squeegee variations. For basic, repeatable printing quality with high yields and true affordability, the Momentum® II 100 has no equal.

Momentum® II 100 New Features

  • Newly designed cover set with larger window and wider access inside the printer.
  • Quick release squeegee for faster changeover.
  • Adjustable stencil shelf for flexibility handling board varieties.
  • New jar paste dispenser for increased productivity.
  • Solder paste roll height and paste temperature monitoring for yield improvement and traceability.
  • Upgraded Benchmark
  • GUI with customizable production page and
  • Quickstart program.
  • Windows 10 operating system.

MPM Printers - Built on a Solid Foundation.

Strength and stability are prerequisites for accuracy and precision when system parts are in motion and moving about at high speed. The Momentum® II 100’s major assemblies are driven by precision ball screws, not belts, which eliminate the need for calibrations. The worknest and camera gantry are designed for optimum motion stability, shorter settling time, and faster board and stencil alignment. Momentum® II 100’s rigid frame is welded for low vibrations. This allows for higher repeatability and great reliability over time. Alignment is achieved with minimum motion; thus the PCB travels to the stencil more quickly.

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