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ELECTROVERT OmniES™ - SMT Reflow Oven Series

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ITW EAE is a manufacturer of equipment used in the electronic assembly and semiconductor industries. The group brings together world-class products from Camalot, Despatch, Electrovert, MPM, and Vitronics Soltec.

Lakeville, Minnesota, USA


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ELECTROVERT OmniES™ - SMT Reflow Oven Series

ELECTROVERT OmniES™ - SMT Reflow Oven Series


ELECTROVERT OmniES™ - SMT Reflow Oven Series



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ELECTROVERT OmniES™ - SMT Reflow Oven Series Description:

Electrovert Reflow Soldering

The OmniES™ is proven to exceed lead-free profile requirements and delivers efficient high performance thermal processing.

IsoThermal™ Chamber Technology

The OmniES offers a combination of innovation and industry-proven technologies in an easy-to-use, reliable and efficient reflow system. The OmniES incorporates an advanced, efficient, IsoThermal Chamber Technology (ICT) designed for maximum performance. Electrovert’s innovative approach to thermal transfer delivers highly efficient heat transfer throughout the entire process. The consistent thermal performance of the OmniES minimizes cross board ∆T’s and allows for tight control of time above liquidus (TAL). In addition, independent closed-loop blower speed control promotes thermal performance stability.

The OmniES utilizes a single IsoThermal chamber design producing a hybrid approach to consistent thermal capability and control that outperforms competitor’s low cost air alternatives. The OmniES produces ∆T’s less than ± 3°C within 7 and 10 zone ovens.

Innovative Cooling Technology

  • Air flow dynamics within cooling zones are efficiently controlled for a balanced environment and reduced exhaust temperatures
  • An industry first with dripless cooling significantly reduces the potential for flux dripping in the cooling area
  • Excellent separation between the heating and cooling areas produces tight control of TAL

Maintenance Reduction Technologies

  • Patent-pending dripless cooling design extends maintenance in the cooling section and easy to clean
  • Full accessibility to all major assemblies is accomplished through removable panels (front and back)

Versatile Conveyor System

  • Standard conveyor system supports a 20” (508 mm) process width
  • Linear guides and precision screw shafts ensure a smooth motion and highly repeatable conveyor width
  • Width adjust encoders continually track movement Center Board Support (CBS) option
  • 35 mm Dual Track (SMEMA) option

High-End Features

  • User-friendly Windows®-based user interface with expanded data logging capabilities
  • Common PC and I/O system of wave and cleaner products
  • Independent closed-loop blower control (heating and cooling)
  • OmniCheck™ continuous monitoring and verification feature
  • The OmniES offers a comprehensive list of features that support demanding production requirements




Machine Lenght

4863 mm (191.5”)

6439 mm (253.5”)

Machine Width

1367 mm (53.8”)

1367 mm (53.8”)

Machine Height

1241 mm (48.9”)

1241 mm (48.9”)

Process Width

508 mm (20”)

508 mm (20”)

Heated Lenght

2685 mm (105.7”)

3855 mm (151.8”)

Cooling Lenght

887 mm (34.9”)

1293 mm (50.9”)

Operating Temperature

350°C (662°F)

350°C (662°F)

Compliance Requirement

CE/UL Listing

CE/UL Listing


With a rich heritage of over 55 years in soldering technology, ELECTROVERT was founded in 1951 and introduced wave soldering to North America in 1957. And, this history includes an impressive record of technological innovation, including the patented Lambda Wave, Dual Wave/Dual Pump solder modules, inert boundary soldering, hot gas knife debridging, the rotary chip wave, Vectaheat forced convection preheat and ExactaWave precision wave height control. ELECTROVERT reflow systems benefit from a focus on energy efficiency and reduced nitrogen consumption, along with the award-winning Intelligent Flux Control with RunMax Technology. The inline cleaner line features innovations such as the Hurricane Jet nozzle, synergistic pump and nozzle technology, and enhanced drying with ElectroAir knives and the Torrid Zone.

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