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ELECTROVERT VectraElite - SMT Wave Soldering System

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ITW EAE is a manufacturer of equipment used in the electronic assembly and semiconductor industries. The group brings together world-class products from Camalot, Despatch, Electrovert, MPM, and Vitronics Soltec.

Lakeville, Minnesota, USA


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ELECTROVERT VectraElite - SMT Wave Soldering System

ELECTROVERT VectraElite - SMT Wave Soldering System


ELECTROVERT VectraElite - SMT Wave Soldering System


Wave Soldering

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ELECTROVERT VectraElite - SMT Wave Soldering System Description:

Electrovert Wave Soldering

The ELECTROVERT VectraElite is the wave soldering solution for medium to high volume production that requires fast changeover, process flexibility, and system reliability. The VectraElite combines innovative technology in an accessible platform providing the tools necessary to achieve a zero-defect process at the lowest possible cost of ownership.

Unparalleled, high performance fluxing

  • ServoJet™ fluxing system for accurate flux control and reduced bridging
  • ServoSpray™ provides an economical spray fluxing solution
  • ServoSonic™ fluxing system is ideal for use with high solids rosin and highly activated water soluble flux

Advanced, industry-proven solder nozzle technology

  • UltraFill™ nozzle increases dwell time, improves hole fill and maximizes product quality
  • Award-winning, patented DwellMax™ for thermally massive boards and selective solder pallets
  • High reliability, high temperature, ExactaWave™ wave height control system

Innovative, feature-packed performance

  • Consistent, even preheating with Vectaheat and High-Velocity Convection (HVC) topside preheaters
  • Windows®-based operating system with process notes function and data logging traceability feature
  • Standard, recipe-driven solder pot height adjustment and wet finger cleaning system

Lead-Free Process Capability

At Electrovert, our Electra and VectraElite wave soldering systems have been designed to handle lead-free and ddifuclt applications for many years. The cast iron solder pot and its components are resistant to the corrosive nature of lead-free solders and are capable of withstanding temperatures of 315ºC (600ºF). All stainless steel components that come into contact with the solder are composed of ElectroCoat™ corrosion-resistant surface conversion as a standard feature, or grade 1(pure) titanium as an option.

Fluxer Module

The fluxer module consists of a slide-out drawer mounted inside the fluxer cradle for easy maintenance. Both systems provide onboard storage for flux tanks. The internal exhaust design segregates flux fumes from the rest of the machine.

Preheat Module

The preheat section, ranging from four to six feet on the VectraElite and up to eight feet on the Electra, ensures sufficient topside temperatures on the most complex assemblies. Both systems are configured with two bottom Vectaheat modules. Radiant (infrared - IR) preheat panels or Vectaheat modules can be easily interchanged with the convenient slide-out feature and quick disconnect plugs.

Solder Module

Electrovert’s Electra and VectraElite wave soldering systems feature a high capacity cast iron roll-out solder pot and low-maintenance pump with AC motors. Configured with patented UltraFill with FloLift nozzle technology, the Electra and VectraElite systems ensure the best possible process yields with today's lead-free alloys. System controls include a programmable 7-day timer, closed-loop temperature and variable wave height adjustment, high/low alarms, auto start/stop wave function, and exhaust interlock protection. Both systems also include automatic, recipe-driven solder pot height control (auto lead clearance control) as a standard feature This is a significant process tool for ensuring repeatability and process control.


Exceptional machine access is achieved via lift-up hoods, fold down tailgate (Electra), a fold down pneumatic panel and swing out corner panels (VectraElite). The rear of the system has several access doors that open to expose the electrical panels, fluxer, flux tank and solder pot.

  • All major components are on slides for easy maintenance
  • Easily accessible solder pot heating panels
  • The Electra includes an integrated step platform for viewing the soldering process




Process Width

2" to 20" (50 mm to 508 mm);
2" to 24" (50 mm to 609 mm) opt.

2" to 18" (50 mm to 460 mm)
2" to 20" (50 mm to 508 mm) opt.

Machine Length

150.5" (3823 mm)

122.7” (3117mm)

Machine Length with External Fluxer

175.5" (4458 mm)

154.5” (3925mm)

Machine Width

64.4" (1636 mm)

61” (1557mm)

Machine Height

72" (1829 mm)

68” (1727mm)


With a rich heritage of over 55 years in soldering technology, ELECTROVERT was founded in 1951 and introduced wave soldering to North America in 1957. And, this history includes an impressive record of technological innovation, including the patented Lambda Wave, Dual Wave/Dual Pump solder modules, inert boundary soldering, hot gas knife debridging, the rotary chip wave, Vectaheat forced convection preheat and ExactaWave precision wave height control. ELECTROVERT reflow systems benefit from a focus on energy efficiency and reduced nitrogen consumption, along with the award-winning Intelligent Flux Control with RunMax Technology. The inline cleaner line features innovations such as the Hurricane Jet nozzle, synergistic pump and nozzle technology, and enhanced drying with ElectroAir knives and the Torrid Zone.

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