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Heat Shrink FEP Roll Covers

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Global manufacturer and supplier of Smooth Bore & Heat Shrink Fluoropolymer PTFE, FEP & PFA Tubing and Products. American Wire Guage (AWG) Standard,Thin & Light Wall PTFE Tubing. UL-224 Rated material

West Chester, Pennsylvania, USA


  • Phone 610-692-2576

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Heat Shrink FEP Roll Covers

Heat Shrink FEP Roll Covers


Heat Shrink FEP Roll Covers



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Tef Cap Industries Inc.

Heat Shrink FEP Roll Covers Description:

Heat Shrinkable Teflon FEP Roll Covers are specifically engineered to extend roller life and to eliminate roller build-up and picking. Teflon FEP Roll Covers are used in a wide spectrum of industries, including textile, packing, printing, paper, photographic and food processing.

Various industries take advantage of Teflon FEP’s unique properties that include almost universal chemical resistance, zero moisture absorption, and the best anti-stick/release surface possible. Most materials will not adhere to FEP but even those that might “cling” to the surface can be wiped off with a damp cloth. Nothing will release adhesives and glues as well as FEP and no other surface prevents picking and build–up like FEP. Small Diameter FEP Roll Covers are great for preventing starch build-up on spray nozzles. Tef Cap's FEP Roll Covers are manufactured from FDA approved resins which make them ideal for all food contact and processing.

Heat Shrinkable Teflon FEP Roll Covers from Tef Cap Industries are produced as a seamless tube with a .020-inch wall thickness for rollers ½ to 12 inches in diameter and lengths up to 10 feet. This unique process produces a cover with no surface imperfections and with significantly greater flex life, which is especially important on rubber rollers.

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