Tape & Reel Material

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Modular pick and place automation - tape and reel - tube feeder - coplanarity check - assembly machine - contactless pick and place

St.Blaise, Switzerland


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Tape & Reel Material

Tape & Reel Material


Tape & Reel Material


Tape and Reel Equipment

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Tape & Reel Material Description:

We supply the following material for tape & reel equipment :

  • Pocket tape
  • Cover tape
  • Reels (all dimensions)

We design customized pocket tape for any kind of components

Standard components: DDPAK DPAK SOP PLCC QFP QFN TO252 TO263 SO SOS SOT223 SOT23 TSOP SOH SOJ SC70 SC75 LLP MLP BGA QFPH DFN HBGA SQFP VSO Capacitor Resistor Diodes

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