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Resources, and services from legacy to NPI, we offer turnkey solutions, seamless procurement and “One Stop Shopping.” We provide the best Intelligent Network Solutions, Power Management and Custom Computing Solutions available.

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C2G Cables Connectors

C2G Cables Connectors


C2G Cables Connectors


Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

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eComp offers a C2G “One Stop Shop” for all of your fiber/copper cable and connector requirements.

Over 6,000 part numbers in stock, virtually all cable and connector types are available including: Adapters, Connectors, Audio Video Cables, AV Devices & PC to TV, Bulk Cable, Cat5E / Cat6 & Other Networking Cables, DVI™ and DisplayPort™, Fiber Cables, FireWire®, HDMI®, iPod®, iPhone®, MP3 Items, KVM Cable, Switches, PC Cables, Power Cords & Surge, RapidRun®, Retail Items, Testers, Tools, USB, VGA, Wall Plates, Premise, and Wireless

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