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Resources, and services from legacy to NPI, we offer turnkey solutions, seamless procurement and “One Stop Shopping.” We provide the best Intelligent Network Solutions, Power Management and Custom Computing Solutions available.

Framingham, Massachusetts, USA

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Custom Computing Solutions

Custom Computing Solutions


Custom Computing Solutions



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System implementation with integrated custom computing solutions can be overwhelming. From making sure all the software is compatible, to understanding the server environment and physical design, there are many critical details to observe. We can help you transform your design into a reliable, quality solution that meets your needs and provides stability and functionality.

We have been working in the legacy solutions business for close to two decades. We have a special interest and applicable experience in supporting change resistant markets like the military, aerospace, industrial and medical markets. Our unique perspective and history in the legacy market has allowed us to partner with like-minded and qualified partners to help bring long-lasting support specifically for these kinds of markets. In addition to this, as a small HUBZonebusiness, We can help government buyers and contracting officers meet their small business sourcing mandates while providing them with expert service. Whether you have an initial design, a detailed build of materials or anything in between, we can help you meed your mandates and support your initiatives along the way.

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