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Dos GP Gear Pump Dispenser

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Scheugenpflug Inc.

Specializes in automated metering & dispensing solutions, supplier of resin metering systems, global expert in production and process automation, vacuum dispensing production systems, and systems for dispensing of abrasive media.

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Dos GP Gear Pump Dispenser

Dos GP Gear Pump Dispenser


Dos GP Gear Pump Dispenser



Offered by:

Scheugenpflug Inc.

Dos GP Gear Pump Dispenser Description:

Rugged, fast and consistent – even with high inlet pressures

Dos GP systems are the first choice for applications requiring 1C, high viscosity, unfilled, non-abrasive potting material, making them the best choice for applying continuous beads. The dispensing process is absolutely continuous and consistent. A special swivel needle is also available for DOS GP gear pump dispensers to handle 2D/3D contours. These systems work fast and accurately – even on complex workpiece geometries.


  • Seamless bead application of large material quantities
  • Swivel needle (optional) allows for the application of contours on steep slope angles
  • Fast and even application - even at high inlet pressure

Key features

  • Consistent potting quantity through inlet pressure monitoring
  • Precise stopping of the material flow due to pressure relief
  • Swivel needle (optional)


  • For 1C media
  • For 2C media
  • Dispenser available in three standard sizes: 0.6 ccm, 1.2 ccm and 2.4 ccm (others available upon request)

Typical applications

  • 1C bead application
  • Potting with 1C material
  • Sealing with 1C material
  • Adhesive bonding with 1C material

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