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LiquiPrep LP804 TT preparation and feeding unit

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LiquiPrep LP804 TT preparation and feeding unit

LiquiPrep LP804 TT preparation and feeding unit


LiquiPrep LP804 TT preparation and feeding unit



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Scheugenpflug Inc.


LiquiPrep LP804 TT preparation and feeding unit Description:

Harnessing gravity

LiquiPrep variant uses gravity for high-viscosity materials

The higher the viscosity of a material, the greater the demands it places on its preparation and feeding in dispensing systems. But the trend right now is to use viscous thermal materials for electronics applications. Scheugenpflug has therefore enhanced its LiquiPrep LP804 TT preparation and feeding unit with additional functionality to accommodate high-viscosity materials.

Viscous potting materials call for highly advanced preparation and feeding technology. This is why the new LiquiPrep variant makes use of gravity to support classic suction feed into the system tank. To ensure functional and ergonomic filling, Scheugenpflug has equipped the system with a top tank. Filling from above allows the material to flow by gravity, while vacuum technology draws it in at the same time. This ensures faster and at the same time ergonomic filling of the preparation unit.

Diaphragm feed technology at the heart of the system

Diaphragm feed pumps have been a real success story ever since the launch of the LiquiPrep LP804 material preparation unit at the end of 2019, and this pump technology is proving to be ideal for high-viscosity potting materials. Compared to the traditional piston pump, the diaphragm pump has better suction and optimized pump filling. State-of-the-art sensors automatically determine the optimum filling level for consistently high feeding performance. The pump also offers significantly increased wear resistance and therefore long service life. The simple design of the pump also means that customers can quickly and easily maintain the pump themselves.

Reliable process for high quality

As an all-in-one solution, the LiquiPrep LP804 stands for reliable preparation and feeding of self-leveling potting materials with a viscosity of up to 70,000 MPa∙s. Processes such as homogenization, tempering, circulation and evacuation are used specifically to improve the processing properties of the medium. The dispensed material is completely homogeneous and bubble-free, guaranteeing electronic components of high quality.

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