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RX-G10 Solder Printing Machine RISON- For GKG

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We are occupied in sophisticated SMT equipment, such as Pick and place machine(SMT), visual measuring system (AOI), 3D Solder paste detector (SPI), reflow soldering machine, and NUTEK buff, etc.

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RX-G10 Solder Printing Machine RISON- For GKG

RX-G10 Solder Printing Machine RISON- For GKG


RX-G10 Solder Printing Machine RISON- For GKG


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RX-G10 Solder Printing Machine RISON- For GKG Description:

RX-G10 Solder Printing Machine RISON- For GKG

RX-G10 Solder Printing Machine RISON- For GKGRX-G10 Solder Printing Machine RISON- For GKG

Functions and Features

With the ever growing need for a robust and precise process, RISON  Is proud to present its latest Precision Screen Printers series: The high quality, fully automatic RX-G10.

Being the leading and most specialized screen printers manufacturer in China, RISON has put a lot of effort in developing these latest products, with excellent quality being the key factor for customer’s satisfaction, and the vast experience in screen printing products coming into hand.

Featuring fully automatic vision, servo drives, wet/dry underwipe cleaning system and many more good qualities, the RX Screen Printers are just the right tool for the most advanced applications: Micro-BGA, QFP, 01005 chips etc.

RX-G10 Solder Printing Machine RISON- For GKG

Adjustment jacking platform and Guide Rail positioning System

Stable and easy to adjust, it can quickly adjust the pin jacking height of PCB with different thickness New pattern patented guide rail can detachable, programmable, can automatically stretch out and draw back . 

Image and optical system

Using uniform ring light and high brightness coaxial light, with promise brightness adjustment function, then all types of Mark points can be well recognized (Including the rugged Mark points),applicable for tin plating,

Cleaning system

The cleaning system equipped with three cleaning methods: dry cleaning, wet cleaning,vacuum.

It can also be cleaned by manual and automatic cleaning to reduce the cleaning time and improve production efficiency. 




Screen Frames

355 x 355 mm~670x790 mm



PCB Max Size

400X300 mm

PCB Min Size


PCB Thickness


PCB Warpage

Max. PCB diagonal 1 %

Transport Height


Transport Direction

L-R  R- L  R- R  L- L 

Transport Speed

1500mm/s(MAX),Program Control 

Transport way

One stage

Conveyor Width adjustment


I/Ov Interface


Support  System 

Magnetic Pin Automatic Up-down table

Clamping System 

Patented over the top clamping, side clamping  

 Print head

Two independent motorised  print heads

Squeegee Pressure 

0~10Kg(Program Control)

Print Speed


Print Mode


Squeegee Type

Rubber/steel Squeegee Blade(Angle45°/55°/60°)

Cleaning System 

Enhanced vacuum adsorption; dry, wet, vacuum three modes

Visual field


X, Y , θ adjustment

X,Y:± 7.5 mm ,θ:± 2°

Visual system

Software/up-down optics structure/

CCD/geometry pattern-match

Repeat Position Accuracy


Printing Accuracy


Cycle Time 


Product Changeover 

5 mins

Air supply

4~6 bar

Power supply 

AC:220±10%,50/60HZ 3KW

Control Method 

PC Control

Operating system

Windows 7

Machine Dimensions

1360 x 1180 x 1371 mm (main machine)

Machine Weight 



Dimensional appearance

RX-G10 Solder Printing Machine RISON- For GKG

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