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RISON Offline Automatic Optical -AOI-50

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RISON Offline Automatic Optical -AOI-50

RISON Offline Automatic Optical -AOI-50


RISON Offline Automatic Optical -AOI-50


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Shenzhen rison automatic co.,ltd

RISON Offline Automatic Optical -AOI-50 Description:

RISON Offline Automatic Optical -AOI-50

Leading the Way for Inspection Solutions

RISON Offline Automatic Optical -AOI-50 

RX-AOI50 is an offline AOI specially developed for many manufacturers making several different machines in limited quantities. Imported screw guides achieve the highest precision, 3CCD color camera accurately identifies the color change of each component. It has complete  detection capability 01005, humanized mechanical design meeting CE standard. Ultra large pull-out operation of tray allows operators to place PCB and other items. The LCD display in the middle can protect the operator's vision, the centralized circuit system is fully exposed in eyes once the cover is opened, this increases easiness of maintenance. The automatically opened bilateral fixture improves the working effect significantly, auto-induction safety light curtain and automatically opened flip makes the device safer to use.


l CCD high speed color camera.

l Integrate multiple algorithms and technologies.

l Quick programming and debugging integration, easier to operate

l Free and simple combination of multiple algorithms, more concise and intuitive programming interface

l The front and back of the PCB are automatically identified, making the test more efficient and faster.

l Multi-threaded monitoring system, all production line production status is clear at a glance.

l Powerful SPC statistical analysis system.

l Intuitive software interface, easy to operate, good for workers’ operating habits.

l Workflow wizard makes settings consistent.

l Comprehensive and flexible software integrates a variety of practical algorithms, makes software operation more flexible.

l OCV, OCR character recognition, path test, etc., special coping algorithm, more effective for post-printing quality inspection, higher detection rate and pass-through rate.

l Rapid programming design, application design covering several fields

l Intelligent coaxial light source design

l Built-in SPC software package

l High precision and high detection rate

l Multi-Mark function (including Bad Mark)

l Multiple programs run simultaneously

l Intelligent automatic reading of Barcode

Functional Specifications

Test Board

After printing, before reflow and reflow

Test Method

Many leading international algorithms such as TOC,Histogram,Match,Short,OTHER,CREST,PIN algorithms; Auto set parameters according to different test dots.


High speed industrial digital camera



(Standard) 18um/Pixel FOV: 24*15mm, Test speed<210ms/FOV


Extra bright RRGB coaxial ring tower LED light(Color light)

Program mode

Manual programming, Auto frame, CAD import automatically correspond to component library

Inspection items

Absence presence, misalignment, insufficient, overflow, open, bridge, contamination; Missing, skewed, billboard, mounting on side, overturn, wrong part(OCV), damaged, reverse; Pseudo soldering etc.

Special Function

Support auto change program test, multi boards and multi program test, two sides of program test.

Minimum component & pitch

10µm:01005 chip & 0.3 pitch IC

SPC and program control

Statistics and analysis of all test data, check production and quality analysis anywhere, can output Excel, Txt file.

SPC and program control

Statistics and analysis of all test data, check production and quality analysis anywhere, can output Excel, Txt file.

Operating system

Windows 7 Professional


22 inch TFT LCD

System Specifications

PCB size


PCB thickness

0.3 to 5 mm

Clamping system edge clearance

TOP:3.5 mm, Bottom:3.5 mm

PCB weight


PCB tolerance

<5 mm or 2% of PCB diagonal length

PCB height

Top side: 30 mm, Bottom side: 60 mm

Conveyor system

Automatic clamp, auto-load and unload, automatic compensation to avoid distortion

Conveyor height

850 to 920 mm

Conveyor direction / time

PCB moving in Y direction, handling time 3 secs

X/Y driver

Screw and AC servo driver, PCB fixed, Camera in X direction, approved with CTQ

Power supply

AC220V 50/60 Hz  <0.5KVA

Compressed air

No need


About 500KG


1090×910×1400mm (L×W×H)

Temperature and humidity

10~35℃, 35~80% RH(no dew)


According with CE standard

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