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Inline Automatic Optical AOI

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Inline Automatic Optical AOI

Inline Automatic Optical AOI


Inline Automatic Optical AOI


Test Equipment

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Shenzhen rison automatic co.,ltd


Inline Automatic Optical AOI Description:

Inline Automatic Optical AOI For post print, pre reflow, mixed mode and post reflow applications

Leading the Way for Inspection Solutions

Inline Automatic Optical AOIInline Automatic Optical AOI

Inline Automatic Optical AOI

RISON products, can effectively control the various processes, find the solder paste printing, component placement, reflow soldering defects generated in the circuit board; Printed circuit board can rule our many common, but costly defects and greatly reduce downstream, particularly in the circuit board maintenance costs; Help increase production and increase profits; To bring you the board less maintenance, fewer discarded, less maintenance time and costs, and lower warranty and repair costs, plus higher product quality, more satisfied customers, and customer loyalty and retention.

Main Features

l For post print, pre reflow, mixed mode and post reflow applications.

l High Defect Coverage

l Acculite 4 LED rings lighting tower. 

l Patented Statistic Modeling Technology. 

l Unparalledled Defect Detection.

l 01005 cpabilites (with 10µ camera)

l 100% inspection: presence, absence, polarity, placement accuracy with OCV,solder joints Missing, Shift/Skew, Misalignment, Tombstone, Reverse, Polarity, Wrong Component, Bridge, Dirt/Dust, No Solder,Short Solder, Cold Solder, Lifted Lead.

l Lowest False Failure Rate.

l Intellectualized Full-color high speed digital 3CCD camera can accurately identify differences in components color tones.

l High Speed inspection.

l Quick Set-up.

l Short programming time using public library and components templates for automatic programming.

l Automatic barcode recognition

l Real time Statistical Process Control System (SPC) capability

l OCV - Optical Character Verification.

l Bad Mark.

l Automatic optimization of test path.

l Double side test in one program.

l Server Mode - Administrative data from many AOI through center server.

l Ergonometric design.

l Best Price Performance.

l CE Compliant.

Functional Specifications

Test Board

After printing, before reflow and reflow

Test Method

Many leading international algorithms such as TOC,Histogram,Match,Short,OTHER,CREST,PIN algorithms; Auto set parameters according to different test dots.


High speed industrial digital camera

Resolution / Range / Speed

(Standard) 18um/Pixel FOV: 24*15mm, Test speed<210ms/FOV


Extra bright RRGB coaxial ring tower LED light(Color light)

Program mode

Manual programming, Auto frame, CAD import automatically correspond to component library

Inspection items

Absence presence, misalignment, insufficient, overflow, open, bridge, contamination; Missing, skewed, billboard, mounting on side, overturn, wrong part(OCV), damaged, reverse; Pseudo soldering etc.

Special Function

Support auto change program test, multi boards and multi program test, two sides of program test.

Minimum component & pitch

10µm:01005 chip & 0.3 pitch IC

SPC and program control

Statistics and analysis of all test data, check production and quality analysis anywhere, can output Excel, Txt file.

Barcode system

Camera can read the Barcode automatically(one-dimension or two-dimension)

Operating system

Windows 7 Professional


22 inch TFT LCD, OK/NG signal


High speed industrial digital camera

System Specifications

PCB size


PCB thickness

0.3 to 5 mm

Clamping system edge learance

TOP:3.5 mm, Bottom:3.5 mm

PCB weight


PCB tolerance

<5 mm or 2% of PCB diagonal length

PCB height

Top side: 30 mm, Bottom side: 85 mm

Conveyor system

Bottom-upfixed, automatic compensation to avoid distortion, auto-load and unload, flat belt, adjust the width automatically

Conveyor height

890 to 980 mm

Conveyor direction / time

Left to Right or Right to Left, handling time 5secs

X/Y driver

Screw and AC servo driver, PCB fixed, Camera in XY, approved with CTQ

Power supply

AC220V 50/60 Hz  <0.5KVA

Compressed air


Equipment communication



About 650KG


990×1040×1640mm (L×W×H) excluding the height of signal light

Temperature and humidity

10~35℃, 35~80% RH(no dew)


According with CE standard

Inline Automatic Optical AOI 

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