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Bestemp x6 Furnace temperature tester

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Bestemp x6 Furnace temperature tester

Bestemp x6 Furnace temperature tester


Bestemp x6 Furnace temperature tester



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Shenzhen Honreal Technology Co.,Ltd

Bestemp x6 Furnace temperature tester Description:

Product introduction :

Characteristics of bestemp X6 furnace temperature tester

● high efficiency, continuous storage of data 16 times, while downloading to the computer group analysis and processing;

● adopt modular analysis mode, simple and fast analysis system, which can analyze data based on PC (Windows) and PDA (Pocket);

● low power consumption, lithium battery power supply, continuous use up to 100 hours, fast charging 10 minutes can be used;

● the communication mode adopts serial port, USB and wireless transmission, which is suitable for multi-layer heat insulation protection in various working environments and application fields. It is made of stainless steel and can cope with the most severe lead-free process and harsh industrial environment;

● rigorous process manufacturing and accurate calibration services, all calibrations are made by using fluke-724 calibration, with the largest CTI calibration organization partner in China, to ensure that each machine is accurate, reliable, small in size, large in storage capacity (5000000 data points), using flash memory chip, and no data will be lost in any accident;

Advantages of bestemp X6 furnace temperature tester

● the operation is simple and convenient, all data are managed by database, and can be quickly imported into process analysis by using guide;

● software operation is equipped with Chinese simplified, Chinese complex, English, Korean, Japanese and other language versions;

● high temperature protection: when the internal temperature of the instrument exceeds 70 ℃, the test function will be automatically closed, and when it exceeds 80 ℃, the power supply will be automatically closed;

● sampling frequency setting (0.05s-30min);

● the measurement accuracy is ± 0.5 ℃ (- 70 ℃ ~ 1370 ℃), and the acquisition mode can be button start, temperature trigger start or time start;

● intelligent control, with indicator light prompt in any case (low power, charging state, data download, data clearing, memory overflow, high temperature warning, instrument reset, etc.).

Software analysis of bestemp X6 furnace temperature tester

● bestemp furnace temperature test and analysis software involves a wide range of temperature test fields in the electronic assembly process. It is a set of efficient, convenient, fast and easy to operate analysis software. Its modular structure allows customers to choose freely according to their own needs. The analysis functions of the software are as follows:

● record the temperature of each point and show it by curve

● change of slope and time between any two points

● change of slope and time above or below any temperature

● accurately reflect the highest, lowest, average temperature and standard deviation

● alarm settings can be made for each part, and detailed wave soldering analysis process can be carried out .

Product parameters

Bestemp x6Parameters of furnace temperature tester:

Instrument size Instrument size 180*62*19mm
Insulation box size Insulation box size 260*92*36mm
storage Memory 5,000,000 points
Test channel Test Channel 6 Channel
sampling frequency Sampling  frequency 0.05s~50 Min
accuracy Precision ±0.5℃
Resolving power Resolution 0.1℃
working voltage Run Voltage DC3.7V~DC4.2V 
Battery Batter 2500mAh
Thermocouple type Thermocouple Types K Types
Instrument power consumption Power 10mAh
Internal maximum operating temperature Max. inner runtemperature


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