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Factory Sealed Supply Honeywell 51304362-150

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We can supply you PLC & DCS products as below. Allen Bradley , Honeywell , Bently Nevada , ABB , General Electric , ICS TRIPLEX , Triconex.

Xiamen, China


  • Phone 18030270289

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Factory Sealed Supply Honeywell 51304362-150

Factory Sealed Supply Honeywell 51304362-150


Factory Sealed Supply Honeywell 51304362-150


Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

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Most PLC & DCS items in stock!! Welcome to us for a QUOTE. (Unik You) +86 18030205725 (skype/ whatsapp)

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²   100% full New! - Original Factory Seal!    

²   Warranty:12 months in globally!  

²   Package: Original packing with cartons. 

²   Delivery time: Shipped in 1-2 days after payment. 




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 Cambia Automation Limited are major in selling (DCS system) (robotic system) (large servo control system) spare parts about 13 years.

 Our company's products include distributed control system (DCS), programmable logic controller (PLC), MOTOROLA MVME industrial mode Industrial Control Communications Converters, Remote Output / Input Modules, Industrial Computers (IPC), Human Interface.







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Any inquiry about PLC & DCS products, welcome to contact us.


Manager: Unik You


Cell: +86 18030205725 (Skype, whatsapp, wechat)



1756-L55M14/A 1900/65A-00-02-02-02-01 AI845-eA 3BSE023675R2 IC697BEM733 PW402
1756-L55M16/A 2201/02-02 DTCA721A 3EST92-481 IC697BEM742 AAR145-S00
1756-L55M22/A 1900/65A-00-10-02-02-01 DSQC609 IC697CGR772 SR1B-045N-1KC
1756-L55M23/A 3500/93-08-03-00-02 PM630 3BSE000434R1 IC697CHS750 VF702
1756-L55M24/A 3500/93-07-01-00-00 CS300E PAC 031-1053-00 IC697CHS790 PSCCM24AAN
1756-L61/A 3500/60-04-02 3BDS008790R09 IC697CMM711 AAM10
1756-L61/B 3500/65-01-01 DSQC500 3HAC3616-1 IC697CMM741 CP345
1756-L61S/B 1900/65A-00-11-01-02-01 SAMC11 POW 57171847 IC697CMM742 PW301
1756-L62/A 1900/65A-01-09-01-02-00 NTRO02  NTRO02-A IC697CPM790 ADV551-P00 S2
1756-L62/B 3500/93-07-05-00-01 07KT98 Advant Controller IC697CPM915 EC401-10 S2
1756-L62S/B 1900/65A-01-06-02-02-00 F4332D 3HAC024322-001 IC697CPM925 ANB10D-S1

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