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Original New Hollysys K-DP02 Supply

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We can supply you PLC & DCS products as below. Allen Bradley , Honeywell , Bently Nevada , ABB , General Electric , ICS TRIPLEX , Triconex.

Xiamen, China


  • Phone 18030270289

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Original New Hollysys K-DP02 Supply

Original New Hollysys K-DP02 Supply


Original New Hollysys K-DP02 Supply


Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

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Most PLC & DCS items in stock!! Welcome to us for a QUOTE. (Unik You) +86 18030205725 (skype/ whatsapp)


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Ø In stock

Ø MOQ 1 Pcs

Ø 100% new factory sealed

Ø Warranty: 12 months

Ø All the goods will be tested before shipment

Ø Shipment: DHL UPS FedEx, etc (Packed in brand new and original box)



Our business scope also including:


  • (DCS) Distributed Control System

ABB / Invensys Foxboro / Invensys Triconex / Ovation / Woodword / HIMA / Yokogawa / Honeywell / Emerson

  • (PLC) Programmable Logic Controller

Rockwell Allen-Bradley / Schneider Modicon / GE Fnauc / Siemens / Prosoft / Bachmann / Woodhead

  • (TSI)

Bently Nevada / EPRO / ENTEK



1771-DSX4/B 3500/93-07-02-00-02 NP1L-TL1 Honeywell UCN Field Termination Assembly (42622268002) 07SK90R1
1771-DW 3500/94-03-01-00 NV1Y32T05P1 Honeywell UCN Power Supply (51109456-200) 07ZE61R302 GJV3074321R302
1771-E1C 3300/46-XX-XX-01-00 NP1S-22/Z803 Honeywell UCN Power Supply (51109684-100) 07ZE63R302
1771-ES 3500/93-04-02-02-00 NB2W36R Honeywell UCN Fiber Extender (51197564-100) 086363-002 OSPS2
1771-EZ 3500/45-01-01 NR1DY-08R07DT TC-IDD321 086369-001
1771-HD 1900/65A-01-07-02-00-00 NR1TY-16T05DT TC-OAV081 086370-001
1771-HM 3500/93-06-05-00-00 NP1AX04-MR TC-PRR021 51309288-225 100472-012
1771-HM3A 1900/65A-00-03-01-01-01 NP8B-TB 51309288-225 1700RZ10005C
1771-HMA 127610-01 3500/15 FTU257B MC-TPIX12 170M5388/72UD13C250T 3AUA0000090404
1771-HR 3500/93-01-02-03-02 NR1TW-16T65DT MU-TAMR03 170M6467 3AUA0000062487
1771-HRA 3500/15-01-04-02 NJ-CPU-A8 MU-TDPR01 175H3828DT2
1771-HS 3500/93-01-05-00-00 NP1AXH8IG-MR 10001/R/1 1SAY130010R0010
1771-HS1 3500/70-03-02 NP1F-HP2 10004/1/1 1SAY130130R0100 07SS91
1771-HS3CR 1900/65A-00-15-01-02-00 NP1L-FL3 10004/H/F 1SBP260102R1001 XC08L1
1771-HSN/B 1900/65A-01-14-00-00-01 NP1X1607-W Honeywell FSC Vertical Bus Driver - Relay (10001/R/1) 1TGE120010R1000

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