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Original In Stock Yokogawa AMM25C

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We can supply you PLC & DCS products as below. Allen Bradley , Honeywell , Bently Nevada , ABB , General Electric , ICS TRIPLEX , Triconex.

Xiamen, China


  • Phone 18030270289

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Original In Stock Yokogawa AMM25C

Original In Stock Yokogawa AMM25C


Original In Stock Yokogawa AMM25C


Cable & Wire Harness Equipment

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Most PLC & DCS items in stock!! Welcome to us for a QUOTE. (Unik You) +86 18030205725 (skype/ whatsapp)




Original from USA Yokogawa manufacture

MOQ 1pc

100% new factory sealed

Warranty: 12 months

Shipment: DHL UPS FedEx, etc (Delivery time 3-5days)



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2711-B5A3L1/F 330104-19-25-10-11-05 TC570 3BSE001458R1 IC752-WFC555-EC IC752WFC555EC Triconex 4500
2711-B5A3L1/H 3500/45-06-00 TP854 3BSE025349R1 IC754VGI06STD Triconex 3501
2711-B5A3L2 3500/25-02-03-02 T-1570H 3BHE031734R1011 IC755CSW07CDA Triconex 2600-2
2711-B5A3L3 3500/93-03-04-03-01 TU515 1SAP212200R0001 IC755CSW07CDA  Triconex 3002
2711-B5A5/A 1900/65A-01-12-02-02-00 TU532-XC 1SAP417000R0001 IS200BICLH1AED Triconex 3601
2711-B5A5/B 3500/44-02-01 TU811V1 3BSE013231R1 IS200DSPXH1D TRICONEX 3603B
2711-B5A5/C 1900/65A-01-04-00-01-00 TU830V1 IS200EACFG2A Triconex 3006 EMPII
2711-B5A5/D 3500/42E-00-00 TU830V1 3BSE013234R1 IS200ECTBG1ABB TRICONEX 3636R
2711-B5A5/E 3500/94-15-03-02 UA C326 AE V1  HIEE401481R0001 IS200ECTBG2A TRICONEX 7400165-380
2711-B5A5/F 140471-02 UA C326 AE01  HIEE401481R0001 IS200EDCFG1A TRICONEX TRICON 3604E
2711-B5A5/G 1900/65A-01-00-01-00-01 UFC039A01 3EHL402791R0001 IS200EDCFG1ADC TRICONEX 7400165-510
2711-B5A5/H 129768-01 UFC719AE101 3BHB003041R0101 IS200EDEXG1A TRICONEX 7400166-380
2711-B5A5L1 3300/16 XO08R1 XOO8R1-B04  1SBP260101R1001 IS200EGPAG1B Triconex 9000011-000
2711-B5A8/E 3500/44-02-00 XV371A IS200EHPAG1AFD TRICONEX 8305A
2711-B5A8/F 3500/93-04-05-01-00 YPG106A  Y7204001-BL/2 IS200EISBH1A Triconex 4000056-006

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