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8C-TAID51 Original New PLC Module

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8C-TAID51 Original New PLC Module

8C-TAID51 Original New PLC Module


8C-TAID51 Original New PLC Module


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The Device Index must be set to a value between 1 and 255 and must be unique for a node within a given subnet, (FTE Community). Redundant controller pairs are assigned Device Indexes based on their redundancy roles. The primary controller is assigned an odd Device Index number and the secondary is assigned the next higher even number (primary Device Index + 1). A non-redundant controller must always be assigned an odd Device Index number, (otherwise it will be flagged as an error). Note that these rules are enforced by the Control Builder application during device configuration.

Upon power up of the controller, the Device Index is provided to the BOOTP Server on the associated FTE community. The BOOTP Server issues an IP address for the controller, based on the Device Index of the controller and the Base IP Address configured for the FTE community. The controller's IP address identifies the controller as an FTE node on the network.


Allen Brandley Bently Nevada ABB Honeywell
2094-BC07-M05-M 330180-51-00 IMMFC05 620-1531
2711P-B10C4A1/A 3500/61 163179-02 DTEX742A 3EST125-973/YWP-EHA13 3BSC980004R1068 CC-TAIX01
2711P-RBK12 81546-01 0764361A TK-PRR021 51309288-275 51309283-300 
1766-L32AWAA/A 3300/14-01-20-00 200-CI485G 8C-PDODA1
1747-DCM 3500/91-01-01-00 SNAT 7261 MU-TAIH12/MC-TAIH12
2711P-RGT15 330930-065-03-05 ICSE08B5  FPR3346501R1012 51202329-735
1769-PB2 3500/22 146031-01 IIAKB03 900TEK-0200
1756-IF6CIS/A 3500/33 07 BA 60 R1 10014/I/I
2711P-K6C8A 330106-05-30-10-02-00 NMFP01 8C-PAIH52 51307070-175
1745-LP154 TK3-2E NGCM02 51454416-700
1756-IF8I 3500/72M 176449-08 NTDRO01 51309218-125
2711P-B10C6D6 3500/40 DSQC626A 3HAC026289-001 10201/2/1 11502
1771-RTP4 3500/25 DSQC236T R7140G1000
1772-LN3 3500/92(136180-01) 07 EA 67 R1 MC-GAIH13
1769-CRL1/A 102550-01 IIPRT03 51202974-200
1761-L32BWA 136188-02 07 ZB 69 R2 900C31-0244-00

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