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Honeywell Controller Module 51401635-150

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Honeywell Controller Module 51401635-150

Honeywell Controller Module 51401635-150


Honeywell Controller Module 51401635-150


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When a controller failure occurs, you should gather information about the controller and the conditions under which it failed. This information will be beneficial to Honeywell TAC to help in diagnosing and correcting the fault and/or replacing the controller hardware. 

tup The tables in this section help to provide guidance for determining the cause of abnormal startup conditions in the C300 Controller. These conditions may occur when the controller  Cannot establish normal communication on the FTE network  Cannot obtain its network address from the system's BootP Server  Cannot obtain system time from the time source configured for the domain in which it resides,  Finds that CDA services are not available. 


Allen Brandley Bently Nevada ABB Honeywell
2094-AL09 3500/42 135489-02 3HAB8101-8/14A TC-CCN013
2706-D21J2 82366-01 IEPDS02 MC-PDOY22 80363975-150
1771-IXC 3300/47-XX-XX-02-00 IMCOM03 RM7890B1014
2711P-K7C15A7 3500/15 DYTP600A 6143001-ZY 51202329-402
1784-PKTX/B 135137-01 IMRIO02 FC-IOTA-R24
1747-PIC 3500/50 133388-02  086329-004 51304584-200
2711P-B7C6D1 79748-01 INPPT01 CC-PFB401
2711-NC1/B 3300/25 3BHE023784R2530 51202329-202
1747-L20A/C 3500/42 140471-01 IMCPM03 51405045-175
2711P-B7C4A8/A 3300/52-01-00-00 DSDI131 57160001-GV 8U-TPOX01 51307022-175
2711-T5A9L1 3300/90-00-00 07KT94 GJR5252100R3261 621-1100RC
1769-2WS 991-01-XX-01-01 DSQC378B 3HNE00421-1 8C-PDISA1
1747-UIC 330130-040-00-000 1SAP150100R0160 8C-PAONA1
2711P-B10C15A1/A 88194-01 1SAP210600R0001 51195155-100
1606-XLP95E 3300/55-01-04-12-12-00-00-05-00 IMASM02 51309204-125
2711-T9C9/C 172103-01 NTRL03 RM7800L1087
1771-WA 128240-01 PM153 3BSE003644R1 CC-TAON11 51306521-175
1738-IB8M12 3500/42 138708-01 NTMU02 CC-PCF901
2711-K3A5L1K 330130-045-01-00 07 AB 60 R1 51196483-100

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