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Honeywell Controller Module MU-TAIH02 51304453-100

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Honeywell Controller Module MU-TAIH02 51304453-100

Honeywell Controller Module MU-TAIH02 51304453-100


Honeywell Controller Module MU-TAIH02 51304453-100


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The alarm will return to normal once the on-line diagnostics detect that the soft failure condition has been corrected. Note that on-line diagnostics run on a cycle and hence it may take a period of time for the controller to perform the subsequent diagnostic check for the condition, notice the change and then record it. In some cases, online diagnostics may continue to assert the soft failure condition even when it appears to have been corrected. This may happen when one occurrence of the soft failure is considered sufficient to require action that requires replacement of hardware. When the controller hardware is replaced, the alarm will return to normal once the C300 Controller function block is deleted and reloaded.

Hard/Severe failure on a non-redundant controller causes a loss-of-control and lossof-view. The I/O modules associated with the controller force their outputs to safe values. If capable, the failed controller reboots into the FAIL state and captures diagnostic data which may contain internal state events that occurred prior to a failure. The CTools utility can be used to retrieve the diagnostic data. 


Allen Brandley Bently Nevada ABB Honeywell
2711-K6C16/B 3300/55-01-01-02-02-00-00-03-00 3BSE005735R1 51202974-300
2711-T5A3L1 133323-01 07KT98 GJR5253100R0160 51454460-100
1769-IF4FXOF2F 3300/61-03-01-01-00-00-00 DSAX110 57120001-PC 51402457-200
2711-T10C1/B 125680-01 SNAT 633 PAC GN-KRR011 51204147-001
2711P-K10C6D1 3500/42 135489-01 IMRAI11 CC-PAIX02
1791-8BR 3500/50M 286566-02 07 BT 60 R1 MU-TAIH02
1747-OCPCM1/A 126615-01 IMRDI12 51202329-615
1734-IR2 330780-51-00 PHBAIN2200C100 10201/2/1
1771-DMC4 330730-080-01-00 3BHB002000R0001 B25835S2205K007 51304650-150
1747-L553/B 3500/42 138700-01 3BSE003879R1 10024/H/F
1771-IND 3300/20-01-01-02-01-00 DSTK165 26390603-AN TK-PPD011 51309241-175 51204142-100
2711P-K6C20D/A 3300/55-01-04-12-12-00-00-05-01 07 PA 85 51402625-175
1771-P6S1 3500/50 134938-01 NIOC-01C 51196694-928
1734-MB 128229-01 PFEA112-65 3BSE050091R65 51403299-100
2711-T9C9 330930-065-00-05 3BHE014105R0001 AC10272001R0101 5SXE08-0167 5SGY55L4500 RM7800E1010
1756-L71S/B 3500/42M 176449-02 PCU-03 51202942-200
1734-AENT/A 3500/91-01-02-01 1SAP170401R0001 0152303449
1769-ADN/B #75619 302-EL30 07 NG 60 R1 51204170-150

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