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Original Rockwell Module ICS Triplex T9402

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Original Rockwell Module ICS Triplex T9402

Original Rockwell Module ICS Triplex T9402


Original Rockwell Module ICS Triplex T9402


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The Field Termination Unit (FTU) is the section of the I/O Module that connects all three FIUs to a single field device. The FTU primarily contains passive components necessary for front-end signal conditioning, field signal over-voltage protection, and EMI/RFI filtering. When installed in a Trusted Controller or Expander Chassis, the FTU field connector interconnects to the I/O cable assembly attached at the rear of the Chassis.

The Trusted TMR 24 Vdc Digital Input Module is a member of the TrustedTM range of Input/Output (I/O) modules. All Trusted I/O Modules share common functionality and form. At the most general level, all I/O Modules interface to the Inter-Module Bus (IMB) which provides power and allows communication with the Trusted TMR Processor. In addition, all Modules have a field interface that is used to connect to module specific signals in the field. All Modules are Triple Modular Redundant (TMR).

All Trusted I/O Modules comprise four sections: Host Interface Unit (HIU), the Field Interface Unit (FIU), the Field Termination Unit (FTU) and the Front Panel Unit (or FPU).


2711-B6C2 PR6423/238-110 HIEE320639R1 HI024049-313 LT 8978B V1 IC693PWR321P
1747-L40A/C PR9268/301-000 INICT01 IC693MDL655H
2711-T10G20 PR9268-200-000 07 FP 00 R1 IC200CHS022B
1734-ADNX PR6423/109-110 1SAP221100R0001 IC693MDL640
2711P-B12C15D7 PR6423/005-031-CN CON041-CN PM856AK01 3BSE066490R1 DS3800NGDD1C1B
2711-K5A8L1/H PR6423/246-110 IEPEP02 IS200EPCTG1A
1747-PSD PR6423/005-010 CN IMRDI11 CR215PEX01A
1761-L16AWA/E PR6423/039-110 3BSE042237R1 IC693CHS391E
1756-ENET/A PR6423/010-110 07 EA 61 R1 IC693MDL742D
1746-NI4 PR6423/129-110 07DC91 GJR5251400R0202 IC693CPU363 
2711-B6C8L1/B PR6423-018-010 CI540 3BSE001077R1 DS200TCQAG1A
1786-TPS/C PR6423/214-110 INIPT02 A02B-0094-B502
2711C-T6M MMS3120/022-100 3HNP04378-1 4116J89-G02
2711P-T6C20A/B PR6423/063-110 SDCS-PIN-205B A03B-0807-C011
1756-CP3/A PR6423/094-110 SE99033514 PM810V2 A06B-6066-H006
1771-ASB/D PR6423/266-110 07 KT 60 R101 DS3820LT4A1C1A

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