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ABB DI810 PLC Controller Module

ABB DI810 PLC Controller Module

ABB DI810 PLC Controller Module


ABB DI810 PLC Controller Module


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ABB DI810 PLC Controller Module Description:

Unik You
+86 18030205725

Brand/Manufacturer: ABB
Origin Country: Sweden; Switzerland
Condition: New in Stock
Warranty: 12 months
Service: Worldwide


The Module Termination Units (MTU) are passive base units used to house the I/O modules. They contain the process wiring terminals and a section of the ModuleBus. The Module Termination Units (MTU) distributes the ModuleBus to the I/O module and to the next MTU. It also generates the correct address to the I/O module by shifting the outgoing position signals to the next MTU. 

The S800 I/O provides easy installation of the I/O modules and process cabling. It is highly modularized and flexible so that the I/O modules can be combined to suit many applications, including most types of signals, HART and Intrinsic Safety Interface. The S800 I/O modules and a Fieldbus Communication Interface (FCI) are combined to form an I/O Station. The S800 I/O can be used in both single and redundant applications. In general, all S800 units are G3 compliant. G3 compliant modules withstand more severe environmental conditions according to ISA-S71.04. The following S800 units are G2 compliant - SD821, SD822, SD823, SD831, SD832, SD833, SD834, SS822, SS832, TB811 and CI830. G3 compliant versions of SD822 and SS822 are also available (refer to SD822Z and SS822Z).


Allen Brandley Ovation ABB GE Fanuc
1771-OFE2 405A328H02 CM30/000S0E0/STD IC670MDL740
1738-ACNR 405A401G01 IIMGC02 369-HI-R-M-0-0-H-E
1769-IF16C/A 3A99420G19 YPQ104A  YT204001-CV/2 IC670MDL241
2711-T6C3L1/B 3A99670G01 07 XS 80 IC670MDL240
1747-L543/B 1C31129G33 IEPBM01 IS200EGPAG1B
1791D-OB16P 1C31132G01 IMAOM01 IC670ALG240
1762-OW8/A 7379A21G04 NDSM03 4161J28-G03
1734-IB8S/A 1661D83H01 RMIO-02C A20B-2902-053
2705-P21J1-36676 5X00287G01 DI920 IC697CMM742-HJ
2711C-T10C/B 4A00090G18 IEPRA02 A03B-0819-C004
1769-IF4I 7381A65G01 REF615E 531X306LCCBFM1
2711P-T6C3D/B 772B216G15 07 DS 85 IC660HHM501
2711-K5A10L1/G 1P00128A02 IMMFP01 DS3800NDAC1D1E
2711P-RPD 7379A21G03 CS300E PAC 031-1053-00 IC698ACC701
1766-L32BXB/B 772B246G03 3AUA489002B4562 IC695NIU001
1715-TAS0B8DE 4256A03G04 3BSE002921R1 IC693MDL740C
1756-CFM 3A98763G01 07 AA 61 R1 IC660TBD025
1771-CXT 7379A70G02 NRYP01 IC694MDL646

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