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ABB 3BSE023607R1 TY801K01 PLC Controller Module

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ABB 3BSE023607R1 TY801K01  PLC Controller Module

ABB 3BSE023607R1 TY801K01  PLC Controller Module


ABB 3BSE023607R1 TY801K01 PLC Controller Module


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The AO820 Analog Output Module has 4 bipolar analog output channels. The choice of current or voltage output is configurable for each channel. There are separate sets of terminals for voltage and current outputs, and it is up to the user to wire outputs properly. The only differences between current or voltage channel configuration is in software settings. To supervise the communication to the A/Dconverters the output data is read back and verified. The open-circuit diagnostics are read continuously as well. The process voltage supervision input give channel error signals if the voltage disappears.The error signal can be read via the ModuleBus. 

The AO845/AO845A Analog Output Module for single or redundant applications has 8 unipolar analog output channels. The module performs self-diagnostic cyclically. Module diagnostics include: • External Channel Error is reported (only reported on active channels) if the process power supply that supply voltage to output circuitry is too low, or the output current is less than the output set value and the output set value > 1 mA (open circuit).


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