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Westinghouse 1C31234G01 Ovation Contact Input Module

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Westinghouse 1C31234G01 Ovation Contact Input Module

Westinghouse 1C31234G01 Ovation Contact Input Module


Westinghouse 1C31234G01 Ovation Contact Input Module


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Base units containing single ended or fused digital input modules with hazardous voltages (>30 V RMS, 42.4 V peak, or 60 VDC) listed below must include a hazardous voltage warning label (1B30025H01) on the base unit as well as ALL base units of the branch. Hazardous voltage will be present on terminal block and module connectors of bases on an entire branch. In addition, auxiliary power fuses must be removed and a fuse cover kit should be added. See Appendix D (Using an External Power Supply) for details 

1. Base Unit The relay base assembly consists of a backplane with connectors, a plastic housing, and a DIN rail clamping/grounding mechanism. This unit accommodates the relays for interfacing with field devices. 2. Relay Output Electronics Module The relay output electronics module is an on-line replaceable module that provides the relay output circuit board. This board contains relay coil drive interfacing as well as I/O bus and bus power interface. This module plugs into the desired relay output base unit. The wires from the customer field devices are connected to the terminal block in the base unit.


Allen Brandley Ovation EPRO GE Fanuc
440R-G23110 3A99978G24 PR6423/009-030 IC693MDL930
1734-OW2/B DETECTION) PR6423/017-110 IC660EBD021
2711P-RP8DK/A 4256A84G05 PR6423/026-110 A02B-0303-C074
1769-SM2/A 5D32113G01 PR6424/006-030 QPI-11100-S2P
1771-IQ16 5A26148G14 PR6423/00E-030+CON021 A16B-3200-0042
1769-L16ER-BB1B/A 5X00226G03 PR6423/263-110 F31X139APMALG2
2711P-B7C6A1 1C31222G01 PR6423/138-110 IC693ALG222-HB
2711P-B12C15D1 5999C40G01 PR6423/061-110 DS200TBQCG1ABB
2711-T10G3 5A26458G02 PR6424/002-131 IC693BEM321
1768-CNB/A 5A23282G09 MMS 6410 IS415UCVHH1AB IS415UCVHH1A
2711P-B6C20A/C 405A675G33 PR6423-00R-010 A20B-8001-0120/02A
1756-L55M22/A 2618D52G01 pr9350 / 02-02 IC693CHS398B
1769-IF8 2840A80G06 PR6424/010-030 IC200MDD843B
2090-XXLF-X330B 9336A61H04 PR6423/053-110 IC693CPU350
40888-490-01-S1FX 9116A61G04 PR6423/00R-030 IC69CMM321
1745-E107 405A743G02 PR6424/006-010 IC200PNS002
2711-T6C2L1/A 4256A03G01 PR6423/183-110 IC660EBA020

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