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New DCS Module HIMA F2 DO 8 01 F2DO8 01

New DCS Module HIMA F2 DO 8 01 F2DO8 01

New DCS Module HIMA F2 DO 8 01 F2DO8 01


New DCS Module HIMA F2 DO 8 01 F2DO8 01


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New DCS Module HIMA F2 DO 8 01 F2DO8 01 Description:

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The controller is equipped with a reset key. The key is only required if the user name or password for administrator access is not known. If only the IP address set for the controller does not match the PADT (PC), the connection can be established with a Route add entry on the PC. The key can be accessed through a small round hole located approximately 5 cm from the upper left-hand side of the enclosure. The key is engaged using a suitable pin made of insulating material to avoid short-circuits within the controller. The reset is only effective if the controller is rebooted (switched off and on) while the key is simultaneously engaged for at least 20 seconds. Engaging the key during operation has no effect. 

If the device detects a faulty signal on a digital output, the affected module output is set to the safe (de-energized) state using the safety switches. If a fault in the device occurs, all digital outputs are switched off. In both cases, the devices activates the FAULT LED. The error code allows the user to configure additional fault reactions in the user program. 


Allen Brandley Ovation EPRO GE Fanuc
1747-L552/C 4A00090G19 PR6423/152-110 A16B-2200-0390/10B
2711P-T10C6D2 3A99229G01 PR6424-013-120+CON021 A16B-1211-0750/02A
2198-P141 772B450G01 PR6423/237-110 IC698RMX016
1756-BA1/A 5X00218G03 PR6423/094-110 IC660EBA026
2711-B6C9/C 772B329G24 PR6423/242-110 A06B-6079-H206#EM
1756-IT6I2/A 2840A33G04 PR6423/270-110 IC200CHS003C
2711P-K6M5D/A 772B216G11 PR6423/228-110 A20B-2900-0110/06A
1715-A3IO 3A59332G02 PR6423-002-040 IC600WD002
1336-GM5 1C31113G03 pr6423 / 002-030 HE693THM449
2711-T9A8/E 5A26155G18 PR6423/052-110 DS200UPSAG1AGD
2711P-K4M20D/B 772B220G04 PR6423/117-110 IC200CHS122A
1734-485ASC/C 1C31157G02 MMS6418 A20B-2900-0293/06B
1756-RM2/A 7381A29G01 PR6423/10R-040 CON021 IC693CHS397K
2711-K6C15 1X00625H10 PR6423/276-110 A03B-0819-C182
2711P-B6M20A 5X00287G04 PR6423/093-110 IC693MDL730E
2711-K6C16 772B388G23 PR6423/143-110 IS200TVIBH2BBB IS200TVIBH2B
2711P-T15C4D2 1C31107G01 PR6423/115-110 IC695ALG616

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