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Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I Output Module Ser A

Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I Output Module Ser A

Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I Output Module Ser A


Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I Output Module Ser A


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Allen Bradley 1756-OW16I Output Module Ser A Description:

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As shown in the block diagram below, each input channel of the module consists of an RTD/resistance connection that accepts excitation current; a sense connection that detects lead wire resistance; and a return connection. The signals are multiplexed to an A/D converter that reads the RTD or resistance value and the lead wire resistance

From the readings taken by the converter, the module returns an accurate temperature or resistance to the controller user program through the microprocessor. The module uses two bidirectional serial ports for communication, each using an optocoupler for isolation. A third optocoupler is used to reset the microprocessor if the module detects a loss of communication.

The input module performs autocalibration when a channel is initially enabled. Autocalibration compensates for offset and gain drift of the A/D converter caused by temperature change within the module. An internal, high-precision, low drift voltage and system ground reference is used for this purpose. In addition, you can program the module to perform a calibration cycle once every 5 minutes. See Selecting Enable/Disable Cyclic Autocalibration (Word 6, Bit 0) on page 65 for information on configuring the module to perform periodic calibration.


Allen Brandley Ovation EPRO GE Fanuc
2711P-K4M3D 3A59559H02 PR6423-010-000 8103AI-TX
2711-B5A1L1 5A26355H03 PR6423/082-110 CQPK3D200L2P-A
1756-IB16I/A 5X00211G02 PR6423/156-110 IC693CPU363-AB
1756-L72/B 4257A58H10 PR6423/078-110 IC693ALG392B
1771-ACNR 5X00082H12 PR6423/005-031-CN CON041-CN A20B-0003-074/12F
1794-OW8 1X00142H01 PR6423/190-110 A20B-0008-0430/04A
1756-DNB/A 5X00405G04 PR6423/018-110 IC693MDL654D
2711-T10G3/C 5X00178G01 PR6423/234-110 A16B-2200-0220/07A
1794-IM16 9705A14H16 PR6423/246-110 IS200EISBH1A
2711-T5A20L1/B 3A98963G05 PR6423/205-110 IC3600TUAA1 IC3600TUAA1D1B
1766-L32AWA/C 5A22401G01 PR6423/124-110 IC695CHS007
2700-IM1 3A98833H20 PR6423/264-110 IC200CPUE05
2711-B6C5L1/C 5A22411G01 PR6423/134-110 IS200STCIH2AED
1783-MS10T/A 4D33644G01 MMS6250/A6250 IS200VSV0H1BEF
2711P-K6M20D/C 3A99746G01 PR6423/019-110 IS215VAMBH1A IS200VSPAH1ACC
1771-IMD 405A497H01 PR6423/015-110 A16B-2200-0171/05A
1791D-0V16PX 5A26471G01 PR6423/119-110 IC697BEM742

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