Rigid PCB

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Eastech Group Circuit Technology (ShenZhen) CO., LTD

Eastech Group was established in 2006. It is a professional research and development, production and sales of high precision multilayer circuit board manufacturers(National High-tech Enterprise).

Shenzhen, China


  • Phone 0086-0755-2949 3876

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Rigid PCB

Rigid PCB


Rigid PCB


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Eastech Group Circuit Technology (ShenZhen) CO., LTD

Rigid PCB Description:

Our Capability:

Eastech Group has 1-30 layers of production technology, we are committed to manufacturing high precision multilayer circuit boards, HDI boards and other products, and has rich production experience in Thick board, Thin board , Heavy copper board, Mixed laminating, High frequency board and Large size PCB.We can meet the customized production requirements of all kinds of products. See below for details or our process capability.

General Capabilities:

  • Single Sided

  • Double Sided

  • Multi-Layer

  • Burried /Blind Via


  • Impedance Control PCB

  • High TG PCB

  • Heavy Copper PCB

  • High Frequency PCB

Surface Finishing:

  • OSP

  • Hot Air Levelling

  • Lead Free or Sn/Pb

  • Chemical Gold (ENIG )

  • Electrolitical Gold

  • Chemical Silver

  • Chemical Tin

  • Carbon Ink

  • Peelable Mask

  • Gold Fingers (30µ")

Materials Used:

  • FR-4 (Standard TG, TG 150, High TG 170, High TG 180,High TG 200)

  • KB

  • Isola

  • NanYa

  • ShenYi

  • ITEQ

  • Rogers

  • Teflon

  • Halogen Free

  • High CTI Material (Max 600V)

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