Metal Base PCB

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Eastech Group Circuit Technology (ShenZhen) CO., LTD

Eastech Group was established in 2006. It is a professional research and development, production and sales of high precision multilayer circuit board manufacturers(National High-tech Enterprise).

Shenzhen, China


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Metal Base PCB

Metal Base PCB


Metal Base PCB


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Eastech Group Circuit Technology (ShenZhen) CO., LTD

Metal Base PCB Description:

Based on the special application of PCB, Aluminum base material and Copper base material are used to replace the traditional FR-4 material. Eastech has very mature production and manufacturing experience for PCB based on metal materials. We always break through the limitations of production equipment, study new technologies and new processes, and have special processing capabilities, such as: Countersink/Counterbore Hole,Controlled Depth Routing,Controlled Depth Drilling, and other processing requirements, production and manufacturing of oversized aluminum substrate, etc.

Metal Base PCB Manufacturing Capability:

Layers Counts

1-4 Layers

(Aluminum base material & Copper base material)

Finished board thickness


Max Board Size


Min Board Size


Coefficient of thermal conductivity

Conventional heat conducting material:1-4W/m.k

Special heat conducting material:5W/m.k,7W/m.k..... 12W/m.k, etc.

Finished copper thickness

0.5-3 oz (17-105um)

Metal surface treatment

ordinary, hard anodized aluminum, aluminum oxide chemical passivation, sandblasting, wire drawing, surface plating processing

Surface finished

HASL, HASL-Lead free, ENIG, Chemical nickel and palladium, 

Immersion Silver, Immersion Tin, Gold-plated board, 

Soft/Hard gold plating and Organic coating processing, etc

Special processing

Countersink / Counterbore Hole,Press Fit Hole,Controlled Depth Routing,Controlled Depth Drilling,

Extra-large aluminum PCB (maximum length 1500mm)

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