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Refrigerating and Warming Machine

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Purbest Tech is a manufacturer of professional equipment for the electronics industry. Our superior products include Lead Tinning System, Lead Forming Machine, PCBA Cleaning Machines, Super Cutting Machines and more.

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Refrigerating and Warming Machine

Refrigerating and Warming Machine


Refrigerating and Warming Machine



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Purbest Technology Chengdu Co., Ltd.

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Generally, the solder paste requires to be stored in cool storage (3 to 8℃). It should be recovered at room temperature (25 ± 5 ℃) for 4 hours before usage.The flux in the solder paste will react with the alloy powder in case of high refrigerating temperature, increased viscosity will affect the printing quality. If the refrigerating temperature is too low (less than 0 ℃), the rosin in the solder paste will be crystallized and deteriorate the shape of solder paste, which will affect the soldering quality.Similarly, the soldering quality will also be affected in case of fast rewarming.At present, solder paste is mainly stored by domestic refrigerator due to safety, economy, size and other factors. It should be taken out to be recovered for 4 hours before usage. This brings some problems to high-mix and low volume manufacturers:
1) The box-packed solder paste is frequently taken out and put in, lack of standardized manual control, troublesome manual data recording;
2) The actual refrigerating and warming temperature cannot be fully monitored ( Especially at night), the quality of refrigerating and rewarming can not be traced;
3) The paste should be taken out 4 hours in advance due to the long time of warm-up. Workers should arrive 4 hours early, which is inefficient;
4) Rewarming Gradient is greatly affected by ambient temperature and seasons, which affects the consistency of solder paste.Refrigerating and warming machine can solve all of the above problems.

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