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Destacker SMB-4A050

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Samtronik was founded in 2005. A professional company specializing in manufacturing precision component counter, PCB handling equipment, PCB depaneling machine, screw tighten machine, PCBA cleaning machine with high quality.



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Destacker SMB-4A050

Destacker SMB-4A050


Destacker SMB-4A050


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Samtronik International Limited

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Destacker SMB-4A050

Destacker SMB-4A050Destacker SMB-4A050Destacker SMB-4A050

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Categories PCB Loader & Un-Loader
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Model SMB-4A050
Interface SMEMA
Transmission height 910mm±30mm
PCB component height ±30mm
Power 0.5KW
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Update Time 2020-11-16

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Destacker SMB-4A050


European standard aluminum profile + steel plate frame structure, with stronger weighted design structure

Laser engraved stainless steel side guide with excellent quality and durability

Automatic adjustment lifting device, stable action, anti blocking design

Electric width adjustment system, fast and flexible line change

Push in mechanism can be adjusted flexibly

User friendly touch control panel

Continuous loading

Provides pass through and load mode

CE highest safety level design

Stable action, anti card design, can be used for high-precision circuit board transmission

Specification :


A- attend to board system 

B-fuji Nexim, Panasonic ilnb system docking 

C-CE security interlock 

D- Dustproof  

E- others


The equipment is used for the front end of the wire body, and the device is used to install the bare printed circuit board into the production line. And provide automatically according to the requirements of the downstream system.

The component free PCB can be directly sent to the downstream equipment without material frame as the carrier.

The whole machine adopts miniaturization design and occupies a small area.

Precise track design, electrostatic powder coating on the surface, perfect combination of aluminum profile frame and sheet metal to ensure process stability and excellent durability.

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About Samtronik

Samtronik is a professional one-stop SMT Equipment service provider , With more than 10 years Electronic Manufacturing Service factory Equipment selling experience .

Samtronik mainly supply pcb handling equipment ,PCB Separator ,screw locking machine , smt cleaning machine , smd counter , smd taping machine ,smt parts etc .

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