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PCB Double-sided Cleaner-SM-2A050

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Samtronik was founded in 2005. A professional company specializing in manufacturing precision component counter, PCB handling equipment, PCB depaneling machine, screw tighten machine, PCBA cleaning machine with high quality.



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PCB Double-sided Cleaner-SM-2A050

PCB Double-sided Cleaner-SM-2A050


PCB Double-sided Cleaner-SM-2A050


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PCB Double-sided Cleaner-SM-2A050 Description:

PCB Double-sided Cleaner-SM-2A050

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Categories PCB Surface Clean Machine
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Model SM-2A050
Interface SMEMA
Transmission height 910mm±30mm
PCB component height A 0MM/B 0mm
Power 0.1KW
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Update Time 2020-11-16

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               SM-2A050-PCB Double-sided Cleaner


The equipment is used for cleaning and electrostatic removal of printed products at the front end of the wire body. Precise track design, electrostatic powder coating on the surface, perfect combination of aluminum profile frame and sheet metal to ensure process stability and excellent durability.

The necessity of using PCB cleaner

1. Dust and dirt may be stuck on the surface of PCB during the handling, laser marking and parking of PCB.

2. The static electricity on the PCB surface causes the PCB to absorb dust.

3. SMT components will become smaller and smaller, and small stains may affect the welding effect.

4. Some large stains may cause short circuit or potential defects of the solder joint.

5. At present, many customers use high-pressure air to clean PCB surface, which has become a fact with high noise, high energy consumption, secondary air pollution, etc.

6. Before and in the future, cleaning and removing static electricity on the surface of PCB chip money will become a part of the process.


1. Contact cleaning is more durable and clean, mainly to deal with dust pollution on PCB surface

2. Special structure, effectively clean 99% visible pollutants on PCB surface

3. The latest electrostatic removal technology, positive and negative ions exceed the industry standard

4. Newly developed anti-static brush dedusting device

5. Newly developed anti-static roller dust adhering device

6. Dust adhering paper roll: special polymer material has anti-static function

7. The best adhesive coating thickness improves the foreign body daughter-in-law and catching power

8. Support real-time monitoring of electrostatic pressure

9. Alarm device for blockage of foreign matters in pipeline of vacuum dust collection system

10. Provide and develop relevant interfaces for MES and external system docking

11. CE highest safety level design

12, specially customized for SMT mounting

Specification :



Transmission height


Conveyor belt

3MM Flat belt



Transmission direction

Left to right / right to left (optional)

Fixed guide rail

Front part of machine

Transmission  composition


Width adjustment mode

Manual adjustment

PCB size


PCB size(L*W)


PCB thickness


PCB component height

A 0MM/B 0mm

PCB weight


Cleaning & electrostatic system


Cleaning method

Brush + vacuum + electrostatic removal + dusting roller + dust collection roll + electrostatic removal + monitoring system (shape support upload)

Sticky dust and dust collection

2 + 1 / antistatic special material

Dust removal brush


Antistatic device

1 set for each inlet / outlet

Vacuum recovery


Installation requirements


Power Supply

220V 50/60HZ ±10%

Power supply system




Gas source


Air consumption


Power plug type

European standard, American Standard, British standard... (optional)

Machine description




Machine weight


Fixed point to front dimension (x)


Noise level

<75 dB


A-single machine automatic width adjustment

B- attend to board system system

C-fuji Nexim, Panasonic ilnb system docking

D-CE security interlock

E- Electrostatic monitoring system

F- Air pressure monitoring system

G- Anti PCB warping device

H- Brush dedusting system

I- other

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