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NH05 Writing Pen/ Dispensing Nozzle Tip

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Vimic Electronic Corporation

Vimic is expert in the design and manufacture of various types of fluid dispensing tools and a selection of Die Bonding Tools for customized applications. The offering includes Epoxy Stamping Tools, Pick-up Tools, Push up Needles.

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NH05 Writing Pen/ Dispensing Nozzle Tip

NH05 Writing Pen/ Dispensing Nozzle Tip


NH05 Writing Pen/ Dispensing Nozzle Tip



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Vimic Electronic Corporation

NH05 Writing Pen/ Dispensing Nozzle Tip Description:

Dispensing nozzle tip also known as writing pen is used to dispense the glue to the die location with the compressed air in most of dispensing process, such as die bonding, electrical circuit connection, structural and circuit board connection.

To ensure the glue flows smoothly, our dispensing nozzles dealt with a high precision processing method have features of integrated design and mirror grade inner surface finish to achieve a superior dispensing performance.

We provide kinds of dispensing nozzle with different specifications for all types of die bonders in the market including Besi (Esec 2100), ASM AD8312 Plus and HITACHI DB series, Musashi Dispensers, Camelot Dispensers and Nordson ASYMTEK Fluid Dispensers, etc…

The offering includes writing pen, fluid dispensing nozzle, high-precision ceramic nozzle tip, multi-needle dispensing nozzles and jet nozzles.

Material: Nickel Alloy +Stainless steel thread

Features: Hardness is much higher than SUS, excellent concentricity and durability, mirror-grade inner surface, custom ID and OD

Application: Besi (Esec 2100), ASM AD8312 Plus

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