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S1 InvMan Mobile Trolleys

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Cluso InvMan North America (operating as Brock Electronics Ltd.) provides solutions for high efficiency manufacturing with inventory control, long term traceability of finished product, and Moisture Sensitive Device tracking.

Kanata, Ontario, Canada


  • Phone 905-815-3693

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S1 InvMan Mobile Trolleys

S1 InvMan Mobile Trolleys


S1 InvMan Mobile Trolleys


SMD Reel Storage

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Cluso InvMan North America

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Cluso InvMan Smart Mobile Trolleys with wi-fi connection to the Cluso server allow for high efficiency manufacturing operations, including Kitting, Storing, Material Tracking, MSD device tracking by MSL, and long term traceability of components down to reference designator level of finished product. Easy integration to MRP/ERP/MES software by simple file sharing between databases. Dynamic storage allows for any combination of reel widths at any time. Simultaneous access by multiple users means no waiting as up to 9 operators can be working on the system at the same time performing multiple kits, storing components, finding components, etc. Stores all reel sizes, trays, sticks,tubes, bulk packaging, etc.

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