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ADT 1106 Temp 60C Bake

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Totech Canada Officially licensed distributor,ultra-low Humidity & Temperature control Dry Cabinets,Totech Global a ISO 9001 Dry Cabinet manufacturer,in the field of Semiconductors, IC, PCB. Sales & service Superdry, Xdry, Autodry

Brownsburg Chatham,

Consultant / Service Provider, Distributor, Manufacturer

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ADT 1106 Temp 60C Bake

ADT 1106 Temp 60C Bake


ADT 1106 Temp 60C Bake


SMD Reel Storage

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Totech Canada Inc

ADT 1106 Temp 60C Bake Description:

❖ Advanced ultra-low humidity technology, effective thermal insulation for low energy consumption .

❖ Humidity control: min. ≤1%RH

❖ Temperature control: Room temperature (25℃) ~60℃.

❖ ESD safe design: Cabinet is with ESD metal painted steel body, stainless steel shelves , comply with IEC 61340-5-1.

❖ Convenient Operation : Totech 60c Temp cabinet  with digital control panel, can control the humidity precisely by adjusting ±0.1%RH, and temperature from room temperature to 60°C. Humidity, temperature and alarm functions are shown and can be adjusted by the digital control panel. Key Lock function on the digital control panel prevents unintended changes of settings. Sensor calibration function is also available with digital panel.

❖ Maintenance free design: our ADT 1106-01 Temp 60c dry cabinet uses 2 dry units. An interlocked fan causes the air to circulate through the dry unit, while passing through the dry unit moisture in the air is absorbed by the zeolite desiccant. During periodic regenerating of the zeolite desiccant by heating, the absorbed humidity is evaporated and exhausted through the external shutters of the dry unit. The process is physical, and no extra maintenance at all.

❖ Lockable doors: Every door can be locked separately with a key.

❖ Alarm setting  Humidity alarm buzzer  ..Applications Totech ADT 60C series maintains preset internal humidity levels from ≤1%RH and temperature from room temperature to 60°C and is ideal to reset floor life fast without causing damage to components, and it can also be used as a long term storage cabinet  : N2 purge timer  (optional)  

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