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ADX2 580 SMT New for 2021

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Totech Canada Officially licensed distributor,ultra-low Humidity & Temperature control Dry Cabinets,Totech Global a ISO 9001 Dry Cabinet manufacturer,in the field of Semiconductors, IC, PCB. Sales & service Superdry, Xdry, Autodry

Brownsburg Chatham,

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ADX2 580 SMT New for 2021

ADX2 580 SMT New for 2021


ADX2 580 SMT New for 2021


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Totech Canada Inc


ADX2 580 SMT New for 2021 Description:

 The ADX2 580 SMT<1% RH is specially designed for moisture sensitive SMD packages to comply with IPC/JEDEC J-STD-033D,  fast recovery 40% to less then 5% in under 6 Minutes suitable for operations with frequent door opening.

Totech ADX2 series is a newly developed dry cabinet with 2 new style dryers for ultra low humidity and fast recovery after door-open-close from 40% to less then 5% in under 6 Minutes with the advantages of constant ultra low humidity, high reliability and low power consumption.especially formulated for SMT manufacturing. It keeps min. RH levels and is suitable for moisture sensitive components with all MSLs, especially for fast moving SMT production lines 

ESD safe: The ADX2 580 Cabinet comes with ESD painted steel body (106 Ohm/sq), dissipative glass windows (in and outside 108 Ohm/sq) , stainless steel shelves and ground wire, well comply with IEC 61340-5-1.

Convenient operation: The ADX2 580  Dry cabinet has a digital control panel, it can control the humidity precisely from <1% to 50%RH, by adjusting ±0.1%RH. Humidity, temperature and alarm functions are shown and can be adjusted by digital control panel. Key Lock function on the digital control panel prevents unintended change of settings. Sensor calibration function with the digital panel.

Maintenance free: Totech dry cabinets use dry units. An interlocked fan causes the air to circulate through the dry unit, while passing through the dry unit moisture in the air is absorbed by the zeolite desiccant. During periodic regenerating of the zeolite desiccant by heating, the absorbed humidity is evaporated and exhausted through the external shutters of the dry unit. The process is physical, and no extra maintenance at all.

Lockable doors: Every door can be locked separately with a key.

Humidity alarm : Humidity audible alarm buzzer / humidity alarm light (optional) will sound or flash if the humidity exceeds set value.

N2 : door purge timer (optional) 

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