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OKmarts Industrial Parts Mall

OKmarts is an authorized and one-stop online mall for industrial parts covering refrigeration compressors, servo drives, servo motors, amplifiers, VFDs, HMIs, PLCs, encoders, sensors and more!

Hartford, Connecticut, USA

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OKmarts Industrial Parts Mall

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Human Machine Interface ( HMI  ) is the interface of input/output devices that achieves information contact and exchange between human and machine equipment. Where there is human-computer information exchange, there is HMI system.

OKmarts provides a rich collection of HMI stock: HMI China for economical uses in large scale, HMIs from top brands like Beijer, Advantech, ESA, Inovance, MCGS, Pro-face, Siemens, Weintek, Schneider, etc. and certified and well functional used HMIs.

Either you need HMIs for large factory equipment use or for small shop use like a cash register, you can find the right one on OKmarts.

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