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Save time and money by improving the speed and accuracy of your inspections with ERMA - a true 3D viewer intuitively designed for Printed Circuit Board Assembly. Free 14-day trial before you buy.

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WPI Vision is in the business of enriching the stereo macroscopic process through the use of patent pending technology to provide an incomparable user experience to any other product in its price point.  By leveraging advances in displays, CMOS sensors and processing power, WPIV is redefining how macroscopic needs and problems are being met and answered. WPI Vision is a wholly owned subsidiary of World Precision Instrument. Founded in 1967 WPI is a world leader in research laboratory product design and manufacturing. With offices around the globe. 

ERMA is designed and manufactured in Sarasota, Florida, USA.

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Enhanced Reality Microscope (ERMA)

Enhanced Reality Microscope (ERMA) True 3D Digital Viewer Intuitively Designed for You Move your assembly process to the next level with our state-of-the-art, fully integrated digital inspection viewer. Moving...


Enhanced Reality Microscope (ERMA)

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WPI Vision Announces the Release of ERMA

Sep 08, 2021 | WPI announced the immediate availability of ERMA - the Enhanced Reality Microscope - designed to bring a new dimension of accuracy and speed to electronic assembly and inspection throughout the PCBA Industry. With a range of new patent-pending technologies, ERMA sets a new precedent for workstation throughput.

WPI Launches New Division

Sep 08, 2021 | WPI Vision announces the immediate availability of ERMA, the Enhanced Reality Microscope which offers a 3D experience. This is perfect for Electronic Assembly and Inspections, Printed Circuit Board Assembly, and many other applications. With over 35 claims on the patent, ERMA is setting new expectations for workstation throughput.

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