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Top Cutting PCB Router PCB Depanelizer Machine

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Manufacturer of PCB depaneling and PCB soldering machines since 2005, products include CE approval V-groove PCB depanelizer, PCB router, PCB punching machine, laser depaneling, hot bar soldering machines and soldering robots.

Huizhou, China


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Top Cutting PCB Router PCB Depanelizer Machine

Top Cutting PCB Router PCB Depanelizer Machine


Top Cutting PCB Router PCB Depanelizer Machine



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Winsmart Electronic Co.,Ltd


Top Cutting PCB Router PCB Depanelizer Machine Description:

Stand Alone Ionizer PCB Depaneling Router Twin Tables and Top Cutting

PCB Router Features:

• Floor type double table cutting machine, with a speed of 100 mm / s and a positioning speed of 800 mm / s.

• High quality shaft system enables the system to accelerate and decelerate quickly, reduce synchronization time, improve productivity and maintain high accuracy.

• Use high quality hardware to ensure high rigidity and high performance.

• Automatic mark point positioning and correction system, real-time display of moving path and simulated route tracking, clear display at a glance, automatic alignment and correction function, high cutting accuracy

• All guide screws are covered to prevent dust and dirt from entering, to improve the service life and performance of the shaft.

• Avoid tin crack and parts damage caused by manual folding.

• Avoid the use of punching or folding, resulting in mechanical stress problems.

• Suitable for cutting arc and line of finished plate.

• It is suitable for cutting small pieces, such as mobile phone boards, PDA, PC interface card, etc.

PCB Router Specification:

Model Number SMTRX
Machine Size 1200(L) x 1050(W) x 1400(H)mm
Voltage 380V/50Hz, 2.5KW
Max PCB Size 300x350mm (single table)
PCB Thickness 0.4-5mm
Feeding Mode Manual
PCB Positioning Customized fixture
Programming Vision teaching, inline programming
Cutting Spindle Optional
Cooling Type Self cooling
Dust Collection Mode Bottom/Top collection
Cutting Speed 1-100mm/s
Repeat Accuracy ±0.01mm
Routing Bit 0.8-3.0 Diameter, right rotation
Repeat Accuracy ±0.02mm
Control System Industrial PC
Spindle Optional
Motion Control 4 axis motion control board
Lead screw C5 grinding screw lead
Camera Germany imaging 40W greay camera
LCD 17 inch

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