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Automatic V-cut PCB Depanelizer Machine

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Manufacturer of PCB depaneling and PCB soldering machines since 2005, products include CE approval V-groove PCB depanelizer, PCB router, PCB punching machine, laser depaneling, hot bar soldering machines and soldering robots.

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Automatic V-cut PCB Depanelizer Machine

Automatic V-cut PCB Depanelizer Machine


Automatic V-cut PCB Depanelizer Machine



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Winsmart Electronic Co.,Ltd

Automatic V-cut PCB Depanelizer Machine Description:

Automatic V-cut PCB Depanelizer Machine 

V-cut PCB Depanelizer Application:

1. Cutting Materials: Aluminum Board, PCB Board, Soft Fiber, clean and burr-free, high speed and effective.

2. Customer mainly from Electronics Assembly Industry like LED industry, SMT industry, Moblie/Mp3 industry, Electronic Toys industry and Etc...

3. Imported high speed steel blade, long service life. Easy operating, processing without board stress, will not demage the components on the board.

V-cut PCB Depanelizer Specifications:

1. Voltage: 220/110V, 50/60Hz

2. Power: 250W

3. Upper Motorized Circular Blade : Diameter 125mm; blade angle : 26-28 °

4. Bottom Linear Blade length : 460mm, can cut max length of the PCB 430mm.

5. Seperation Length : 0-100-200-300-400mm

6. External Size: L740*W550*H460MM

7. Weight : 60kg

8. Package : Wooden Case

V-cut PCB Depanelizer Features:

1. Controlled by Micro-Computer Program, patented design, high accuracy and with good stablity.

2. Cutting Speed adjustable, have two options : 500mm/s and 300mm/s, if customer want to set other speed, we can customise for customer.

3. Separation length can be programmed: 0-100-200-300-400MM

4. Cutting Material PCB must with Pre-scored groove,

When operating, put the PCB which is placed with its pre-scored groove onto the linear blade,when the foot swith is pressed,the blade carrier with the circular blade moves across the PCB,separating it into individual units.

5. Operating Panel height is adjustable, from 0-50mm.

6. Rotary Knife adjustable : 0-2mm . in order to suit for different sickness PCB board and different depth of pre-scored V-cut.

7. For operator safety, there are blade-halting light sensors and a Plexiglas safety shield.

8. PCB Board thickness : 0.2-3.2mm, V-cut depth : 0.2-2mm. PCB Length :0-1300mm.

9. Upper circular blade and Bottom linear balde all exported steel long life blade, durable, when the blade is not sharp, can grind 7-10 times, repeated use.

V-cut PCB Depanelizer Specs:

Model SMTAD5 
Machine Dimension L740*W550*H460
Max Cutting Length 400mm
PCB Material FR4, MCPCB
Cutting Speed 300mm/s or 500mm/s
PCB Thickness 0.6-2.0mm
Power 220/110V
Machine Weight 60kgs

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