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Under Vacuum Potting for Ignition Coils Compact Under Vacuum Potting Machine

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Under Vacuum Potting for Ignition Coils Compact Under Vacuum Potting Machine

Under Vacuum Potting for Ignition Coils Compact Under Vacuum Potting Machine


Under Vacuum Potting for Ignition Coils Compact Under Vacuum Potting Machine



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Guangzhou Daheng Automation Equipment Co.,LTD

Under Vacuum Potting for Ignition Coils Compact Under Vacuum Potting Machine Description:

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Fully automatic Vacuum glue potting machine integrated with material feeding , glue potting and finished product convoying functions to one equipment , the machine made up with fully automatic mixing machine , vacuum three axis glue dispenser,Chain conveyor line and so on .This equipment can be used independ or be connected with digital data and apply glue potting under negative pressure and normal pressure . It is widely apply for silicone , epoxy , EAW2777,Crystal glue , PU(poluyrethane) two component glue , which is suitable for different glue potting process requirements.

1.1 Product feed in and out automatically 

1.2 Glue processing (tank stir , tank bubble degas , heating , filter , vacuum degas)

1.3 Glue ratio and quantify mixture .

1.4 Glue mixing evenly .

1.5 Through programming to realize glue potting for different products sizes .

1.6 Fully automatic weigh system to re-inspect the glue amount for each product .

1.7 Set fixed time to let glue discharge and prevent glue mixture curing inside the tube .

1.8Autumatically clean the mixing part of the machine.

1.9Transmit data on MES system .

1.10 Equipment working process

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1.11 Basic Parameter of the equipment .

Power: mixing machine-8KW vacuum machine-2KW

Three axis: X*Y*Z(mm):400x400x70

Weight: 650kg

Input pressure:AC220V 10,50 HZ

Input air pressure :0.5MPa—0.65MPa(5—6.5kgf/cm2)

Repeat accuracy: equipment movement 0.2mm;Glue output: 0.2g

displacement velocity (Max) : X 250mm /s, Y 250mm /s, Z 100mm /s

Dimensions: about 1750mm x 1700mm x 1650mm

Third : Automatic Glue Mixing Machine

1Schematic diagram

  1. Parameter

Glue ratio

1 :1 ---10:1

Ratio acurracy


Glue-out speed

1g/s --10g/s

Glue-out accuracy


Program memory


Glue viscosity

300cps~10000cps(Reference number)

Opearation Mode

 Manual mode /Automatic mode

Ratio Control

PLC/ Screw pump (Can change different type of metering pumps)

Flow Control

Digital input

Parameter display

Pointer / digital display

Automatic control system

Touch screen / button switch/ third party signal

Mixing Method

dynamic mixing / Automatic cleaning

 Storage Tank

Stainless steel A(25L)and B(25L)

Vacuum degas(-0.1MPa),8L/s

Liquid level sensor(Low liquid level/high liquid level)

A/B Tank stirring

AB glue constant temperature heating(Room Temperature—80°)

Glue filter



Input air pressure


Outer dimension

Glue Potting Machine:1300mm×600mm X1600mm

Frame Materials

Cold rolled steel/industrial aluminum/stainless steel/sheet metal

3 Main part introduction

The main part of Vacuum Chamber Potting machine comprize with glue tank , mixing system (screw pump),mixing /clean system , control system and so on .

3.1 Glue storage tank

As per glue feature and customer’s process , glue should be preprocessing before metering .

3.1.1 We use stainless panel vacuum pressure tank which can bear negative pressure of inner glue tank .

3.1.2 The bottom of glue tank with heating system.

3.1.3 Tank with motor stirrer that prevent the glue from sediment and keep the glue in constant temperature.

3.1.4. Tank with high /low liquid sensor that ensure alarm warning when liquid higher or lower the setting level .

3.1.5. Tank with vacuum defoamation (defoamation time can be set through touch screen), so the material can be re-filled through vacuum negative pressure .

3.1.6.Tank with pressure releasing ball valve ; the bottom of tank reserved back flow connector and river closure ball valve.

3.1.7 Tank with artificial feeding mouth that can be added glue appropriately .

3.1.8. Tank with dry-filter can prevent glue from crystallization .

3.3 Fully automatic material mixing system (dynamic mixing)

3.3.1 dynamic glue mixing to assure glue mix evenly.

3.3.2 Glue touched parts with stainless design to aquired high material compatibility.

3.3.3 Glue valve with suck back function to prevent glue from dropping after cut off .

3.3.4 Rod shaft use original imported parts to maintain high durability.

3.3.5 Don’t need to disassembly the mixing system to clean and save cleaning time .

AB component glue through suck back valve and come into mixing tube , like picture. The mixture finally be potting to products . When finished glue potting , the sucking valve can provent glue from dropping immediately to provent glue from dropping to other place.

3.4 Operation Controlling System .

3.4.1 Glue-out amount is pushed out by motor pushing rod metered by controlling the speed of pushing motor.

3.4.2 Adjustable glue-out synchronization , make sure A/B glue flow out of the valve at the same time gel resistance timmer to provent glue from curring .

3.4.3 The machine with gel preventer timmer,when time is arrived setting , the glue will discharge automatically and provent glue cure inside the mixing tube .

3.4.4 Can select signal glue-out quantity function and continuous gluing function to meet up with different processes requirement .

3.4.5 The whole controlling mode use Panasonic PLC control ,MGCS touch sreen devics.

3.4.6 Mornitoring the times of double liquid valve , vacuum pump , metering pumps and display on touch sreen .

3.4.7 E-Stop display the motor , dirver , pressure and with the warning system.

3.4.8 Configure secure interlock mechanism to prevent labor’s wrong operation. The equipment grounding and likely to accumulate static charge of metal device , metal conductive objects are connected to ground , accord with GB50169-2006  .

3.4.9 Can be communicatied with MES system .

Fourth : Vacuum Chamber three axis glue potting machine

1Vacuum Chamber

1.1 Configure security grating toughened glass , observation window, inlet and outlet with safety protection device , to ensure the safety of operators.

1.2 Digital display vacuum degree with time setting function , PLC communicate with glue mixing machine; can work automatically.

2Vacuum glue dispensing valve

2.1 Vacuum spcial glue valve used for glue potting and prevent glue from dropping .

2.2 Stainless steel design for glue touched parts , rod shaft sealing parts are use original import parts to keep high durability .

2.3 Vacuum valve can be washed via self-cleaning , to provent remained glue inside and caused blocking .

3Three axis working platform

3.1 Three axis chamber installed on the top , which is curtail the chamber volume effecially and accelerate vacuum speed .

3.2 Touch screen operation , English & Chinese operation version , can record and display different parameter .

3.3Program dot , line , arc , circle and some irregularity products . Glue potting files can be edit on programming or import from CAD. The program memory 99pcs . The touch sreen programming support the whole column , graphical browsing , group editing and other functions.

3.4 Z axis fixed board can be adjusted up and down to adopt different workpieces on different heights , you don’t re-edit the working path , but only adjust the working path when replace the nozzles .

4. Parameter

Runing path

Dot / line / curve/arc

Working range

XYZ:  400mm×400mm×70mm


XY:  250mm/s  Z: 100mm/s



Vacuum degree


Vacuum time


Power Supply

AC380V 50Hz

Air supply



1750mm x 1700mm x 1650mm

Sixth : Maintenance Service

1.Seller provide one year warranty period and support free maintenance service during warranty . Software upgrade service is provided for a long life time. 

2. In case parts of the machine become broken within the warranty because of non-artificial factors, we send you part replacement free, buyer pay for the shipment. Double-liquid valve should be bought at its cost price.

3.If the parts of the machine become broken past warranty , the parts replacement should be shouldered by buyer.

Seventh Installation & Train-up:

You can install and operate the machines yourself. If you like you can send the

engineer to come to our factory for train-up; or we can also supply train-up videos,

pictures, drawing and so on. If demanded, our engineer will be sent to your company,

buyer will pay Labor cost , and the travel cost, hotel (accommodation & food).

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