With more than 30 years of experience and 4,000 systems deployed, CheckSum meets the needs of the global electronics industry. CheckSum provides turnkey full-service solutions: test systems, fixtures and programs.


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!LS-3000 Fully Automated In-Line Test System [Test Equipment]

CheckSum ILS-3000 In-Line Test SystemPowerful, Flexible and Proven production test systemthat supports the complete suite of CheckSum’s testcapabilities for ICT, ISP and PFT (Parallel FunctionalTesting). Designed for in-line high volume parallel ...

12KN [Test Equipment]

CheckSum 12KN O-Line Test SystemPowerful test system that supports the completesuite of CheckSum’s test capabilities for ICT, ISPand PFT (Parallel Functional Testing). Designedfor high volume PCBA panel testingapplications.

MultiWriter™ [Component Programming]

CheckSum’s patented MultiWriter™ technology can program up to 384 serial flash devices in parallel. MultiWriter™ is available in a variety of platforms:

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