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Solder Dross Recovery Machine

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Solder Dross Recovery  Machine

Solder Dross Recovery  Machine


Solder Dross Recovery Machine


Wave Soldering

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Shenzhen TY Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd

Solder Dross Recovery Machine Description:

Technical characteristics of the whole machine

1. All stainless steel structure. Beautiful, durable and easy to clean. Simple operation and maintenance

2. Using advanced pure physical principles (high temperature heating. centrifugal separation. high pressure extrusion) to directly reduce the tin slag into tin strips.

3. No chemical reagents need to be added during the process of reducing tin slag. After the reduction, the composition of the tin bar will not be changed! 4. The tin cylinder stirring movement adopts Taiwan speed regulating motor, the speed is adjustable. The reduction rate is up to more than 90% of the tin content in the tin slag 5. The tin furnace is made of special lead-free materials, which is corrosion-resistant, non-deformable and has a long life.

6. Efficient heat preservation and heating system: external flexible heating plate, PID temperature closed-loop control.

7. Adopt brand electrical appliances and control system to ensure the reliability and stability of the control system.

2. Technical parameters of the whole machine


L800 X W450 X H1100(mm)

Working high


Time of heating

30  min

Solder term

Lead free/lead

Heating term

High Efficient heating tube

Power of solder pot




Solder pot temperature

Temperature~350℃、Accuracy ±1-2℃

Heating time

40 min



Power supply


Air compression


Exhaust pipe diameter

diameter 60MM

Start Power (totally power)


Working power




Shell part

Body structure

All stainless steel shell, 4 universal wheels at the bottom of the body can move freely

Surface treatment

The whole machine is frosted and polished

Heating method

Temperature control method

PID Accurate and reliable temperature control, imported thermocouple detection system.

Heating parts

The external high-temperature heating plate is adopted, with fast heating, long life and small thermal inertia; the heat in the temperature zone is uniform and consistent.

Slag removal section

Lifting cylinder

Use high-quality dual cylinder drive.

Solder Pot

Solder pot material

Lead-free special stainless steel material, high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, adapt to lead-free technology, long life;

Solder pot characteristics

Beveled design at both ends to minimize soldering space

Heating parts

It adopts Taiwan imported dry-burning high-temperature heating plate with long service life; external heating system, tin furnace heating adopts all-around heating, no explosion of tin, and multiple anti-deformation.

Control systems

l The control system is stable and reliable, with high-end configuration and easy operation.

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