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Infrared curing oven A3

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Infrared curing oven A3

Infrared curing oven A3


Infrared curing oven A3



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Shenzhen TY Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd

Infrared curing oven A3 Description:



Parameter Type

Dimension L*W*H


Delivery method

Speed control motor + gearbox

Height conveyor


Delivery method

Stainless steel chain

Width of conveyor


AM mode

Automatic adjustment


upper layer L→R Lower layer R→L

Light source direction

Vertical rail

PCB component

+- MAX70mm

Temperature range


Irradiation direction and height

Freely adjustable

Number of light sources


cooling method

Efficient air cooling

Light source adjustment

Two-step adjustment of strength and weakness



Total power


Heating system

1) Using infrared heating tube heating principle, uniform heating to improve heating efficiency.

2) Heating temperature zone: each temperature zone can be independently controlled.

3. Control system

1) PID temperature control, to achieve precise temperature control of 2 groups of temperature zones,

2) 2 groups of temperature zones, each group of temperature zones 6 heating tubes, to minimize energy consumption.

The working principle of the equipment:

1. Transportation system:

1) The chain conveying method is adopted, and the width between the chains can be adjusted arbitrarily in the range of 50-450mm to meet the customer's variety of connection methods. The chain uses a stainless steel extension pin chain, and the transportation speed is adjustable.

2) Specially made reinforced aluminum alloy guide rails can withstand high temperatures, and cooperate with the support adjustment mechanism to ensure the smallest amount of deformation.

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