Our offer includes modern systems (including Techcon Systems, WALTHER-PILOT, JANOME): Dosing accessories, Pressurized dosing systems, Non-pressurized dosing systems, Industrial robots, Automated dosing stations.

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TS250 / 255 Digital to Analogue Dispenser (Techcon Systems) [Dispensing]

The Techcon Systems TS250 / 255 series allows you to dispense low, medium and high viscosity liquids with constant and high accuracy. The modern design combines a small, compact housing that allows you to save ...

TS5622 - Techcon Systems Diaphragm Valve [Dispensing]

The TS5622 vertical valves are part of the TS5600 series diaphragm valves. They are designed for precise dispensing control of low and medium viscosity liquids. They are designed in such a way that the part ...

WALTHER-PILOT spray systems [Coating Materials]

The WALTHER-PILOT system solutions are here based on products made with high precision and high-quality materials. The offer includes spray guns for manual and automatic application, material pressure tanks and agitators, pumping systems for sealants and ...

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