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TS5622 - Techcon Systems Diaphragm Valve

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Our offer includes modern systems (including Techcon Systems, WALTHER-PILOT, JANOME): Dosing accessories, Pressurized dosing systems, Non-pressurized dosing systems, Industrial robots, Automated dosing stations.

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TS5622 - Techcon Systems Diaphragm Valve Description:

The TS5622 vertical valves are part of the TS5600 series diaphragm valves. They are designed for precise dispensing control of low and medium viscosity liquids. They are designed in such a way that the part of the valve in contact with the dosing liquid is separated from the other valve parts by a diaphragm. The valve is compatible with Techcon Systems time-pressure controllers thanks to the use of an internal return spring.

Typical Application:

  •     dosing cyanoacrylates,
  •     dosing anaerobes,
  •     dosing of liquid fluxes,
  •     dosing of chemical reagents,
  •     electrolyte dosing,
  •     paint dosing,
  •     alcohol dosing,
  •     dosing of solvents,
  •     and dosing of other similar materials.

TS5622 enables point dispensing in the form of lines, arcs or circles, applying seals, coating and filling.

Thanks to the vertical design of the TS5622, we have easier assembly and integration into automated applications.

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