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Pillarhouse Jade Prodex

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Global OEM manufacturer of selective wave soldering machines. With a world-wide install base in over 65 countries, we are a global leader in the selective soldering space. Highly customized solutions available in all industries.


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Pillarhouse Jade Prodex

Pillarhouse Jade Prodex


Pillarhouse Jade Prodex


Selective Soldering

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Pillarhouse USA

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Pillarhouse Jade Prodex Description:

Pillarhouse Jade Pro Series

Ultra-flexible, offline, multi-platform, quick load twin PCB rotary table selective soldering system

Designed to meet the needs of the small batch manufacturer who requires high levels of production flexibility. The Jade Prodex offers the ability to regularly change solder alloys without incurring expensive down time, whilst the solder bath cools down and heats up during a regular manual changeover process.

The Jade Prodex is an offline system, incorporating a quick load, twin PCB, universally adjustable, rotary table transport system to allow simultaneous load/unload during product processing.


As standard, the Jade Prodex is configured with our Duplex twin solder bath arrangement. On independent Z axis drives, this achieves increased production flexibility by permitting the use of two different nozzle tip sizes, which can be allocated as process requirements dictate within any particular area on a PCB.

The Prodex series is controlled by a PC, through PillarCOMM, a Windows® based ‘Point & Click’ interface with a PCB image display.

Additionally, our optional PillarPAD offline programming package allows the operator to produce programs independently from the machine using Gerber data.

Standard Features

  • DC servo drives
  • Rotary indexing table with twin adjustable positions
  • Integral PC and machine mounted monitor
  • Twin solder bath capability on independent Z axis
  • Inerted Nitrogen system
  • Internal fume extraction
  • Titanium Drop-Jet fluxer
  • Universally adjustable tooling carrier
  • Auto motorised wire solder feed & level detect
  • Solder bath coding – identifies correct bath for program
  • Solder wave height measurement and correction
  • Set of AP style solder nozzle tips
  • Thermal nozzle calibration system using integrated setting camera
  • Auto-nozzle conditioning system
  • Manual fiducial correction system
  • Colour programming camera
  • Process viewing camera(s)
  • Multilevel password protection
  • Light stack
  • PillarCOMM Windows® based ‘Point & Click’ interface
  • PillarPAD offline programming system
  • Lead-free compatible
  • Day-to-day service kit

Monitoring Options

  • Flux presence sensor – thermistor style
  • Flux spray, flow and spray & flow
  • Pump rpm
  • O2 ppm
  • Nitrogen flow

System Options

  • Top-side instant IR preheat
  • Bottom-side slide in / out instant IR preheat
  • Closed loop pyrometer temperature control
  • Bottom-side hot Nitrogen selective preheat
  • Automatic fiducial correction
  • Ultrasonic fluxing
  • Dual Drop-Jet / ultrasonic fluxing
  • Laser PCB warp correction
  • Micro nozzle assembly
  • Large solder bath for dedicated single dip applications
  • Solder bath removal trolley
  • Solder reel identification
  • Larger PCB handling size
  • Nitrogen generator

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