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Specializes in automated metering & dispensing solutions, supplier of resin metering systems, global expert in production and process automation, vacuum dispensing production systems, and systems for dispensing of abrasive media.

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Maximal Performance Through Vacuum Potting

Jul 28, 2021 | Scheugenpflug

The performance of electronic components is compromised by factors such as bubbles in the potting medium. Increasing numbers of applications – particularly in the automotive and electronics industries – therefore require completely bubble-free dispensing methods. This is where potting in a vacuum comes into focus. The widespread school of thought about this technology is that it is too complicated, too expensive and too slow. But a closer look shows that this view is incorrect. This is a mastered technology. As for costs, the calculation basis is key, since usually the potting and vacuum method is only considered after the required potting quality cannot be achieved reliably any other way. Under total cost of ownership assessments, higher system costs no longer play a key role, since component failure would result in much higher subsequent costs. And now there are proven solutions for high production volumes and/or shorter cycle times. This whitepaper explains when potting in a vacuum is ideal for your projects and what to be aware of....

Selective protection for PCBs

Feb 18, 2020 | Scheugenpflug

Glob Top, Dam and Fill & Flit Chip Underfill To protect PCBs from damaging outside influences, they are coated with a thin layer of casting resin or protective finish during the conformal coating process. In addition to sealing the entire circuit board, it is possible to pot only sections or individual components on the substrate. Different methods ranging from "glob top" to "dam and fill" and "flip chip underfill" have been developed for this purpose....

Process Engineering - Why is preparation of adhesive bonding and potting materials necessary?

Feb 14, 2020 | Scheugenpflug

To meet the steady increase in technical requirements for electronic components, potting media properties must be extremely precise. Rheology, viscosity, filler content and curing behavior are only a few of the factors that play a role in their practical use. However, the growing complexity of materials often negatively impacts the ability to process or dispense them. In this case, material preparation and feeding systems specially designed for this purpose are required. These systems optimally prepare the material for the actual application and ensure homogeneous feeding to the dispensing system....

How to achieve optimum results in automated dispensing

Feb 13, 2020 | Scheugenpflug

Efficient bonding, sealing and potting has a major influence on the sustainable function and safety of electronic components. The key to success here lies in the comprehensive view and control of process engineering. Here it pays to seek collaboration with the systems and the material manufacturer during the very early stages of the project. This is because dispensing systems must be selected for compatibility with the workpiece and the adhesive, sealant or potting compound used. And there are also other factors that play an important role in designing the optimum dispensing system:...

Autonomous Driving - New systems to optimally apply potting media

Oct 17, 2019 | Scheugenpflug

There has been an increase in sealing and encapsulation applications mainly in the field of autonomous driving. Safety and assistance systems already make driving safer and more comfortable today. With increasing progress even more electronic systems will be added. The smooth functioning of computers, sensors, cameras, etc. - and thus our safety as road users - also depends on optimally applied potting media. These can be applied economically, quickly and with high quality in individual applications and are now mastered. With the changing mobility concepts, however, the prerequisites in manufacturing are changing. The requirements are often not fixed at the outset, but only develop during the course of the project. The aim here is to generate a flexible standard that enables attractive pricing and short delivery times. However, we are prepared for these developments: with our modular system consisting of scalable system modules. From this, individual processes can be taken and combined according to requirements. Our new LiquiPrep systems have recently become part of this modular system. They represent a further development of the proven A310 product family and enable reliable processing and conveying of self-levelling media. In addition to a significantly more intuitive operation, the LiquiPrep systems also offer higher performance thanks to a new, patented membrane pump and an optimized agitator. Image: Optimally applied sealants and casting materials form the basis for high quality and smooth functioning of the components. ...

The prerequisites for tomorrow's technologies

May 29, 2019 | Scheugenpflug

Scheugenpflug focuses on e-mobility and autonomous driving and, with its high-quality dispensing solutions, is accompanying an imminent turn of events in the growth field of mobility....

Conformal Coating - Sealing PCBs

May 01, 2019 | Scheugenpflug

"Sealing" in dispensing and potting technology describes a process in which sensitive electronics surfaces are coated with a very thin layer of casting resin or protective varnish. It serves to protect against environmental influences and corrosion, resulting in a longer service life and operational reliability of the components. To ensure that the material is distributed homogeneously across the surface, this well-known "conformal coating" process is employed using low-viscosity casting resins....

Adhesive Bonding Instead Of Welding Or Bolting

May 01, 2019 | Scheugenpflug

Adhesive bonding involves the use of adhesive to form a material bond between two or more assembly parts. In addition to regular adhesive bonding applications, hybrid processes, in which the adhesive bond includes another function such as sealing or heat dissipation, are gaining importance. Traditional joining methods such as welding or bolting are progressively being replaced in industrial applications by efficient adhesive bonding processes, since these processes provide a number of advantages such as part weight reduction or simplified parts handling....

Optical Bonding

Jan 10, 2019 | Scheugenpflug

We notice that the quantities of material that are to be dosed are becoming more and more divergent. In addition to large media volumes, small and very small quantities are also increasingly coming into focus. For example autonomous driving: These vehicles already produce an immense amount of data today. When potting the associated sensors, cameras, and ECUs, it is important to ensure a precise and repeatable media application – even with volumes of only 0.03 ml. In contrast, when high-voltage batteries for electric cars are potted, 5 to 10 litres of heat-conducting paste are required per vehicle – and the trend is rising. Optical bonding used in display production, on the other hand, is in the medium volume range. The challenge now is to cover the entire volume spectrum reliably and in compliance with the required cycle times. This is remedied by a modular system of scalable modules, which offers the customer the necessary flexibility and enables him to plan a system according to his needs....

Moisture and Bubble-Free Material Preparation in Larger Quantities

Sep 10, 2018 | Scheugenpflug

Issue: Moisture and bubbles in your dispensing material with larger quantities Solution: Scheugenpflug’s 55-gal Barrel Agitator Station Barrel agitators for casting resins take their technology from the paint sector. They fall short of meeting the special demands of the auto, medical, aeronautics and electronics industries. They can’t guarantee a solid seal on the barrels – often containing expensive, moisture sensitive resins – allowing the humidity of the surrounding environment to damage the material. Also, conventional barrel agitators, as opposed to smaller units, cannot work in a vacuum to process materials directly....

To dispense material under vacuum or dispense degassed material in atmosphere ….that is the question

Aug 23, 2018 | Scheugenpflug

Simply put, the proper system design and use of vacuum in the potting process can make the difference between a mediocre part and a perfect part. Air entrapment is inevitable whether you utilize syringes, cartridges, pails, or drums of material in the process....

Demystifying Adhesive Dispensing within the High-End Appliance Industry

Aug 16, 2018 | Scheugenpflug Inc.

Appliance designers are constantly evolving to satisfy the ever changing wants and needs of their consumer base. These changes filter down and include not only the materials but also the equipment used to dispense the material in the manufacturing processes. Moreover, the latest evolution of appliances also seeks to add luxury controls and eye-catching applications. This challenge then, of new applications and material dispensing, often means the application and execution of these increasingly complex materials present multiple challenges up and down the appliance supply chain. Successfully meeting the material dispensing challenge has the potential to spur growth significantly in the higher-end appliance industry as the manufacturing adhesion processes evolve to meet market demand....

1 Liter of Gap Filler in Only 13 Seconds - New Dispensing Solution for the Thermal Management for HV Batteries

Jun 18, 2018 | Scheugenpflug

Thermal influences can significantly compromise the service life, capacity and especially the operational safety of HV batteries. In order to prevent damage due to excessive temperatures, large quantities of heat-conducting potting media are used here. Scheugenpflug has developed a new system solution for fast and reliable application of these materials....

Potting in a Vacuum or Atmosphere?

Jun 04, 2018 | Scheugenpflug

Potting in a vacuum or atmospheric conditions? This question about the correct procedure concerns many users, among others i.e. electronics manufacturers, who pot more and more complex parts and components for a huge variety of products. Against the actual requirements of product and process, a decision on the procedure is often made under the assumption: „Potting under atmosphere = affordable and easy" and „Potting under vacuum = expensive and difficult". But that's a thing of the past. The way to the correct method, however, requires the clarification of a number of factors....

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