Panasonic NPM-D3

Panasonic NPM-D3

Panasonic NPM-D3


Panasonic NPM-D3


Pick and Place/Feeders

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Model Name (Number)   NPM-D3
Concept              Dual-gantry, multi-head, process-driven module      
Drive system              High-accuracy, low-maintenance, linear-motor driven gantry(s) system      
Component alignment              Multi-recognition digital camera      
Head design options              Inline array of 16, 12, 8, 3 and 2(D3) nozzle heads      
Applicable heads              16, 12, 8, 2      
Board dimensions (Single lane)              L 510mm x W 590mm      
Board dimensions (Dual lane)              L 510mm x W 300mm L 510mm x W 550mm *1      
Placement accuracy      Chip        ±25µ Cpk ≥ 1.0 *4      
      QFP        ±30µ Cpk ≥ 1.0      
Throughput      Ideal        Up to 84,000 CPH      
      IPC9850        63,300 CPH (1608C) *3      
Component range      Min        03015 microchip *4      
      Max        100mm x 90mm      
      Height        28mm      
      Special height              
      Insertion force        .5N ~ 50N      
Feeder capacity      Reels w/ no tray feeder        68      
      Reels w/ tray tower        24      
      Reels w/ twin tower        N/A      
      Reels w/ 2 tray towers        N/A      
      Trays w/ tray tower        20      
      Trays w/ twin or 2 tray towers        N/A      
Facilities      Electric        Voltage: 3 Phase AC 200/220 ±10V; AC 380 400 420 480V ±20V  Frequency: 50/60 Hz      
              Peak current 30A @ 200V      
      Pneumatic        .5 ~ .8MPa, 100L/min      
      Mass        1900kg w/ 2 carts      
      Dimension        832mm x 2729mm

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