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USI manufactures high-performance spray coating equipment based on patented, nozzle-less ultrasonic spray head technology.

Haverhill, Massachusetts, USA


  • Phone 978-521-0095

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USI Releases MAX-1200 Large Substrate Coating System Platform

Nov 18, 2016 | Glass Panel Coating System

MAX-1200 Large Substrate Coating System

USI Releases New Liquid Delivery Option for Prism BT PMP-50 Precision Metering Pump for R&D

Oct 29, 2014 | Ultrasonic Systems(USI) announces the release of the PMP-50 precision metering pump for the Prism BT (bench top) coating system. The PMP-50 is designed to provide the same high-performance liquid delivery as the PMP-100 but at a lower cost for lab-scale and R&D applications.

Conformal Coating With Dual-Mode Ultrasonic Head

Sep 20, 2005 | Ultrasonic Systems, Inc.

USI Offers a Dual Flux Option for Opti-Flux and Econo-Flux Spray Fluxing Systems

Feb 12, 2001 | Ultrasonic Systems now offers a dual flux supply option for Opti-Flux and Econo-Flux spray fluxing systems. Ideal for contract manufacturers, the option enables the operator to switch flux types as required by different processes.

USI Opti-Flux II Available With Automated, In-Line Selective Fluxing

Feb 12, 2001 | Opti-Flux II spray fluxing system from Ultrasonic Systems (USI) is now capable of automated, in-line selective fluxing. The operator can now apply flux to selected areas of the board or pallet fixture. The system automatically identifies the type of board by bar code, which is associated with a recipe previously entered into the menu by the operator.

USI Introduces EZ-Flux Automatic Spray Fluxing System

Feb 12, 2001 | Ultrasonic Systems introduces the EZ-Flux automatic spray fluxing system for economical application of flux to printed circuit boards. EZ-Flux utilizes spray nozzle technology with two-direction spray. An air-actuated traversing mechanism provides precise motion control at a speed of 10-15 inches per second.

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